October 27, 2023

Gaimin Gladiators vs. Nouns: David and Goliath Clash at TI12

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It was one of the most hotly anticipated series of the entire TI12 tournament: Gaimin Gladiators vs. nouns. The North American underdogs really had their work cut out for them against western EU’s titans Gaimin Gladiators. With the home crowd behind them, nouns stepped up.

Gaimin Gladiators vs. Nouns: David and Goliath Clash at TI12

Nouns: The Unexpected Final Standing NA Team

Nouns, the underdogs of the North American region, surprised everyone by becoming the final standing NA team at TI12. Despite placing third in the groups, they managed to send defending champions Tundra Esports to the lower bracket. However, Gaimin Gladiators proved to be a formidable opponent.

Game 1 – Gaimin Gladiators Dominated

In the first game, Gaimin Gladiators showcased their calm and collected play style. Their coordinated team fights and strong pushing power gave them an early advantage. Nouns struggled to deal with the chain stuns and lacked the necessary damage to turn the tide. Additionally, they faced difficulties in finding enough farm on the map. By the time Brewmaster managed to pick up his Radiance, it was already too late.

Game 2 – Gaimin Gladiators... Dominated

Not satisfied with their victory in the first game, Gaimin Gladiators came into the second game with a clear plan. They denied Nouns' carry Spectre the space to farm and utilized Lone Druid's bear as their main push power. By the 19-minute mark, Gaimin Gladiators were sieging the Radiant base, leaving Nouns with little chance of a comeback.


The Gaimin Gladiators vs. Nouns match was a true David and Goliath game of the tournament. While Nouns put up a valiant fight, Goliath ultimately emerged victorious. The North American teams have reached the end of their journey at TI12. Gaimin Gladiators will now face the winners of Betboom Team vs. Virtus.Pro in the next round.

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