February 15, 2024

Fixing the Immortal Empire Quest Bug in Last Epoch: Quick Solutions to Get Back on Track

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In Last Epoch, most quests are straightforward and can be completed without any issues. However, there is one quest called the Immortal Empire quest that has a bug preventing players from completing it. Fortunately, there are several solutions to fix this bug.

Fixing the Immortal Empire Quest Bug in Last Epoch: Quick Solutions to Get Back on Track

Encountering the Bug

When players encounter the bug in the Immortal Empire quest, it usually happens after speaking to the Outcast Seer. Instead of a fight, nothing spawns, causing players to roam around the area in search of a solution.

Resolving the Bug

There are three main ways to fix the Immortal Empire quest bug in Last Epoch:

  1. Move to the next area on the map, The Fallen Tower. Upon entering this new zone, the Immortal Empire quest will automatically complete itself.

  2. Return to a previous boss area and fight them again. This has been reported as a working fix by some players on a Reddit thread discussing the progression through the Immortal Empire quest.

  3. If the in-game solutions don't work, try re-logging in. Restarting Last Epoch three or four times has been known to resolve the Immortal Empire quest bug.

Additional Considerations

It's worth noting that some players have fixed this bug by joining others' Last Epoch parties. However, the three solutions mentioned above should be sufficient to get you back on track. Additionally, it's important to check the game's server status before attempting any fixes, as other elements may also be affected when Last Epoch's servers are down. If the servers are not operational, you will need to wait for Eleventh Hour Games to bring them back online.


If you encounter the Immortal Empire quest bug in Last Epoch, don't worry. By following the steps outlined above, you can quickly resolve the issue and continue your journey in the game.

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