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Finding Rubber in Skull and Bones: Tips and Strategies for Obtaining this Valuable Resource

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In the game Skull and Bones, rubber is a valuable resource that can be used to upgrade your gear. However, obtaining rubber can be challenging as it is found in dangerous parts of the sea. This article will guide you on how to find rubber in the game.

Finding Rubber in Skull and Bones: Tips and Strategies for Obtaining this Valuable Resource

Finding Rubber

Rubber can only be found in the Open Seas and East Indies regions. These areas are known for their treacherous waters, with high-level ships and rogue waves posing a threat to your cargo. If you lose your cargo, it will be difficult to retrieve it without facing elimination again. Therefore, it is important to assess your capabilities before venturing into these regions.

Sinking Merchant Ships

One way to obtain rubber is by sinking Merchant ships from the Dutch Merchant Company. These ships can be found sailing the Open Seas. Additionally, you can inspect other ships on the trade routes to see if they carry rubber.

International Trade Route

The International Trade Route passes through various areas of the Open Seas and a part of the East Indies. It starts between Port l'Hermine and the Southern Basin, then continues north to the Nilam Sea and the Naga region.

Tips for Obtaining Rubber

  • Use Crew Boarding when the enemy ship has low health to increase your chances of obtaining more loot.
  • Be prepared for a tough fight, as the ships carrying rubber are around level nine.
  • After sinking a ship, make sure to locate the nearest Outpost to secure your goods.

Alternative Method

If you prefer to avoid battles, there is a Settlement in the northeast corner of the map that holds rubber. You can raid this settlement to acquire the resource.


Rubber is a valuable resource in Skull and Bones, and obtaining it can be a challenging but rewarding endeavor. By following the tips and strategies mentioned in this article, you can increase your chances of finding rubber and upgrading your gear. Good luck on your Skull and Bones journey!

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