November 1, 2023

Explosive Quarterfinal Match: LNG vs T1 in 2023 Worlds

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The upcoming quarterfinal match between LNG and T1 in the 2023 Worlds is expected to be explosive. Both teams are vying to stay alive in the tournament and secure their spot in South Korea. One of the key storylines to watch is the battle between Scout and his former teammate Faker.

Explosive Quarterfinal Match: LNG vs T1 in 2023 Worlds


LNG entered Worlds as the LPL #3 seed, but they have proven that they are not to be underestimated. Throughout the Swiss stage, they showed their ability to compete with title favorites JDG. While they had some struggles in the series against KT Rolster, their impeccable decision-making and strong late-game team fighting compensated for it.

In a recent interview, Scout mentioned that LNG needs to work on their early-game proactivity, which will be crucial against a team like T1. Tarzan and Scout will play a vital role in dictating the flow of the early-mid game and setting up GALA for success in skirmishes around neutral objectives. If they fail to do so, T1 will likely capitalize on their weaknesses.


T1 had some concerns coming into the tournament due to their inconsistent performance throughout the season. However, they have shown improvement during the Swiss stage and have been adapting well as the tournament progresses. Zeus has emerged as the main damage dealer for the team, and their drafting has been solid. Oner's comfort on proactive bruisers like Jarvan IV will be tested against Tarzan's skill in the same role.

The bot lane matchup will also be crucial, with GALA's carry potential and Keria's ability to support T1's Gumayusi. Both teams have their strengths, and it's difficult to predict the outcome of this series.


Considering the potential of both teams, it's hard to determine a clear favorite. The outcome will depend on their performance on the day and their preparation. T1 has faced internet issues during scrims, which might affect their performance. Additionally, LNG will have side selection in Game 1.

This series is expected to be highly competitive, and it wouldn't be surprising if it goes to a full five games. While T1 may have a slight advantage due to their proactive play in the Swiss stage, the outcome is still uncertain. Ultimately, the series will showcase explosive gameplay and intense competition.

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