November 15, 2023

Exciting Updates Coming to Escape From Tarkov in December Wipe

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Escape From Tarkov is known for its regular 'wipes', where the game is reset to ensure replayability. The upcoming wipe in December is highly anticipated by players, as it brings new features and elements to the game.

Exciting Updates Coming to Escape From Tarkov in December Wipe

What's Coming to Tarkov?

Ground Zero

One of the major additions is a new map called Ground Zero. This map is specifically designed for low-level players and offers a Streets of Tarkov-style vibe. However, once players reach a certain level, they will no longer have access to this map.


Players have long been requesting more traversal abilities in Tarkov, and their wish will be granted in the next wipe. The ability to vault and mantle over low obstacles will be introduced, enhancing the gameplay experience.

In-Game Achievements

For completionists, Battlestate Games is adding a comprehensive list of achievements to Tarkov. Players will have the opportunity to complete side tasks and unlock achievements, adding a new layer of challenge and reward.

Armor Plates

In the next wipe, armored equipment will have multiple health bars instead of just one. Players will be able to add 'armor plates' to their vests and rigs, reinforcing specific areas and replacing individual plates as needed.

Left-Shoulder Shooting

To increase versatility, players will now have the option to swap shoulders and shoot from the left side. Additionally, adjustments are being made to blind fire and recoil mechanics, further enhancing the combat experience.


Battlestate Games has also revealed three new weapons: 9A-91, RPD, and VSK-94.

More features are expected to be revealed as the launch of the next Tarkov wipe approaches. This highly anticipated event is sure to attract both new and veteran players, and Tarkov is expected to dominate the social and streaming charts for a few days.

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