October 29, 2023

DK Showmaker's Heartbreak at Worlds 2023: Reflecting on the Season and Looking Ahead

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DK Showmaker – a heartbreak moment

After being eliminated from Worlds, DK Showmaker expressed his disappointment in the series and shared his personal thoughts on the year. DK faced off against KT Rolster in a full Korean series during the Swiss stage. The winner of the series would secure a spot in the top 8 at Worlds 2023 and continue their journey in the tournament.

DK Showmaker's Heartbreak at Worlds 2023: Reflecting on the Season and Looking Ahead

Despite playing two close games and having several winning moments, DK was unable to defeat KT, ending their chances of winning the title this year. Showmaker's emotions were evident as he expressed his sadness about the result.

The Execution and Drafting

This was the second time DK faced KT in the Swiss stage, giving both teams a better understanding of each other's playstyle. Showmaker revealed that their strategy was to target ban some of KT's comfort picks, and the overall drafting went according to plan. However, the execution fell short. In Game 1, DK secured the dragon soul but lost a crucial Elder dragon fight. In Game 2, they held a significant lead throughout the game, but their late-game performance was not strong enough. Showmaker acknowledged that he could have performed better around Baron.

Adapting to the Meta

DK has always been known for their strong early game, but Showmaker was asked if the current meta, which focuses on scaling and teamfighting, affected their performance. He emphasized that professional teams need to adapt to the meta regardless of its nature, and the responsibility for the results ultimately lies with the team.

Thoughts on the New Format

When questioned about the Swiss stage and other factors that may have influenced their performance, Showmaker expressed positivity towards the new format. He believed that the format change was a positive one and that teams who were negatively affected by it may not have had what it takes to win the tournament.

Reflecting on the Season and Looking Ahead

Looking back at the 2023 season, Showmaker admitted that it was a challenging year for DK. While they performed well in the LCK, they struggled against the top teams and were unable to compete for the title. Showmaker expressed his disappointment in his own performance and apologized to the fans. As for the future, he was uncertain about his plans but promised to continue working hard if he decides to play professionally.

When asked about personal goals, Showmaker stated that his ultimate goal has always been to win it all. He did not have any specific personal achievements in mind.

Despite the setbacks, Showmaker emphasized that winning Worlds requires a high level of performance and is not solely dependent on luck. He remained confident that one of the LCK teams would eventually claim the title. In closing, Showmaker simply wished his future self happiness.

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