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Discovering the Hidden Treasure in Moyenne Crique

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Treasure hunts are a common theme in pirate stories, and the game Skull and Bones is no different. In this game, there is a treasure chest located in the Moyenne Crique area that players would definitely want to find.

Discovering the Hidden Treasure in Moyenne Crique

Discovering Moyenne Crique

To find Moyenne Crique in Skull and Bones, you need to follow a specific path. The Moyenne Crique outpost is situated on an island called L'Escale, which is located north of Saint-Anne. If you want to shorten your journey, you can fast-travel to the Lanitra outpost, which is the closest one to Moyenne Crique.

Unveiling the Treasure Chest

The treasure chest in Moyenne Crique can only be found if you have discovered the outpost. It will not appear on your map until you have sailed near it. Without discovering it, you will only see an empty island.

To locate the treasure chest in Moyenne Crique, follow these steps:

  1. Go through the path where you can see a Cache.
  2. Continue along the path until you reach a tree. Use the rope to descend.
  3. Proceed along the path to the right.
  4. Head towards the water, which is located to the left of the Water Flasks.
  5. Cross the pool of water, which is not too deep.
  6. Keep going a little further, and you will see a red light indicating the location of the treasure.


Once you have found the treasure chest in Moyenne Crique, make sure to reap the rewards. Additionally, don't forget to check the merchants at the outpost and open the Cache at the entry of the Outpost to see if there are any items you can take back with you. Happy hunting!

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