February 12, 2024

Discover the Recipe for Soil in Little Alchemy 2 and Unlock Countless Possibilities

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In the minigame Little Alchemy 2, you can discover a total of 720 recipes by combining different items. One of these recipes is Soil, but finding its recipe path can be challenging as it is not very obvious.

Discover the Recipe for Soil in Little Alchemy 2 and Unlock Countless Possibilities

Soil is a natural element that can be added to your Encyclopedia. However, it is crafted differently compared to other recipes of the same kind. Unlocking Soil will greatly help you in achieving your goal of discovering all the recipes in Little Alchemy 2, as it is used in many other recipes such as Mud, Fields, Plants, and Bricks.

To make Soil, you need to combine Life with Earth. However, obtaining these elements may require following a few more steps. Earth is discovered as soon as you start playing the game, while Life can be obtained by combining a Volcano with Primordial Soup.

If you don't have both required ingredients for Life, you can follow this path to obtain them:

  • Water and Water: Puddle
  • Puddle and Puddle: Pond
  • Pond and Pond: Lake
  • Lake and Lake: Sea
  • Fire and Earth: Lava
  • Earth and Lava: Volcano
  • Sea and Lava: Primordial Soup

Once you have obtained Life and Earth, you can combine them to create Soil. Additionally, you can also create Bacteria by combining Volcano and Life, and then combine Bacteria with Sea to obtain the final item, Plankton.

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