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Discover Hidden Feline Companions in Destiny 2's Season of the Wish

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Destiny 2's Season of the Wish takes you back to the Dreaming City, where you'll work with Mara Sov to convince Riven to join you and the rest of the Vanguard. As you progress through the new activities, keep an eye out for Starcats.

Discover Hidden Feline Companions in Destiny 2's Season of the Wish

What are Starcats?

Starcats are unique collectibles that appear in specific locations as you play through the Season of the Wish story. There are 14 Starcats to find, each offering rewards. More Starcats will become available as the season progresses.

How to Find Starcat Locations

  • Each Starcat will be in the same location for every Destiny 2 player.
  • Starcats are hidden in activities related to the Season of the Wish.
  • Keep an eye out for crafty hiding spots.

Starcat Locations

  1. Garden of Plenty Starcat location:

    • Found in the Garden of Plenty, in Riven's Lair or The Coil activities.
    • Look to the left before the stairs in the back area.
  2. The Blind Well Starcat location:

    • Found in The Blind Well activity in the Dreaming City.
    • Located in the back room, next to the large door.
  3. Temple of the Queen's Wrath location:

    • Found in the Temple of the Queen's Wrath during the Tautology mission.
    • Take a turn to the right when entering the room and find the Starcat in the corner.
  4. Chamber of Starlight location:

    • Found in the Chamber of Starlight lost sector in the middle of the Dreaming City.
    • After defeating the boss, find the Starcat on a table.
  5. Bay of Drowned Wishes location:

    • Found in the Bay of Drowned Wishes lost sector.
    • Located on a ledge to the right of the chest.
  6. Aphelion's Rest location:

    • Found in the Aphelion's Rest lost sector in the southeast section of the Dreaming City.
    • Jump to the platform above the chest and find the Starcat inside a bowl.
  7. Gnashing Chamber location:

    • Found in the Gnashing Chamber in Riven's Lair or The Coil.
    • Located to the left of the room, next to the cat statue on the table.
  8. Reaver's Orison Starcat location:

    • Found in Reaver's Orison in Riven's Lair.
    • Located on the right side of the arena, next to a large tree.
  9. Spine of Keres Starcat location:

    • Found in the Spine of Keres in the Dreaming City.
    • Proceed to the northwest from the Divalian Mists and find the Starcat on the third floor.
  10. Harbinger's Seclude Starcat location:

*   Found in Harbinger's Seclude in the center arena.
*   Jump down and find the Starcat behind the left skull closest to the door.
  1. Gardens of Esila Starcat location:
*   Found in the Gardens of Esila below The Strand.
*   Walk underneath a small bridge to find the Starcat.
  1. The Confluence Starcat location:
*   Found in The Confluence underneath Harbinger's Seclude.
*   Take a left in a large room with a broken portal covered in vines to find the Starcat at the base.


Finding all 14 Starcats in Destiny 2 will unlock the Wyrmguard Shell for your Ghost. Explore the Dreaming City and complete the Season of the Wish activities to discover these hidden feline companions.

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