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Defeating the Red Sigil: Exploiting Weaknesses and Optimizing Your Party in Persona 3 Reload

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In Persona 3 Reload, while exploring Tartarus, you may encounter an enemy called the Red Sigil. This formidable foe usually appears on the higher floors, particularly when you are close to reaching the top. It is often accompanied by a rare Shadow known as the Miracle Hand, which can be found above floor 200.

Defeating the Red Sigil: Exploiting Weaknesses and Optimizing Your Party in Persona 3 Reload

Exploiting Weaknesses

Similar to other Shadows in Persona 3 Reload, the Red Sigil has specific weaknesses that you can exploit during your exploration. It is crucial to be well-prepared and take it down before it inflicts significant damage on your team. Identifying a Shadow's weakness is the key to knocking them down and potentially unleashing an All-Out Attack. Let's delve into the Red Sigil's weakness in Persona 3 Reload.

Weakness to Ice

The Red Sigil is immune to Light attacks and actually heals from Fire attacks. However, it is weak to Ice in Persona 3 Reload. To effectively defeat the Red Sigil, it is recommended to use any type of Ice Persona attack. This will cause the Red Sigil to fall down, leaving it vulnerable to an All-Out Attack if all enemies are knocked down.

Encounter Details

The Red Sigil can only be found on the higher floors, specifically from floor 200 onwards, which is close to the middle of December in Persona 3 Reload. It is often seen alongside the Miracle Hand, a rare Shadow that has a chance to appear on these floors. Unlike the Red Sigil, the Miracle Hand heals from all types of attacks. Therefore, it is advisable to use Almighty damage against both enemies. However, if you manage to hit the Red Sigil with a single-target Ice attack, it will enter the Weakened state without healing the Miracle Hand. This increases your chances of successfully defeating the Red Sigil and preventing it from escaping.

Party Optimization

To optimize your party for battling the Red Sigils, it is recommended to have Mitsuru with you. She excels at using Persona attacks in battle. Additionally, your character is also a good choice as they can freely swap between all Personas they possess. The key factor is to ensure that you have a single-target Ice attack to exploit the Red Sigil's weakness. However, the specific attack required may vary depending on the opponents you are facing.

Rewards and Future Encounters

Once you defeat the Red Sigil in Persona 3 Reload, there is a high chance that you will encounter more of them as you continue to explore Tartarus. These enemies have relatively low health compared to the bosses on these floors, making them easier to defeat. Defeating Red Sigils can be a great way to earn Shuffle Time rewards while exploring.


In conclusion, the Red Sigil in Persona 3 Reload is a formidable enemy that appears on the higher floors of Tartarus. By exploiting its weakness to Ice attacks and using strategic party optimization, you can successfully defeat the Red Sigil and earn valuable rewards. So gear up, prepare your team, and take down this challenging foe!

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