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Defeating the Miracle Hand: Strategies for Persona 3 Reload

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If you’re facing the Miracle Hand enemy in Persona 3 Reload, you may find it frustrating to see it healing itself with your attacks. This enemy has no weaknesses and actually becomes stronger when attacked. It is not the only rare shadow with this behavior, so time is of the essence when trying to defeat it. Efficiency is key.

Defeating the Miracle Hand: Strategies for Persona 3 Reload

Miracle Hand Weaknesses

In Persona 3 Reload, the Miracle Hand does not have any weaknesses. In fact, it absorbs all damage except for Almighty damage, making it even more difficult to defeat. However, there are a few viable options to consider.

How to Beat Miracle Hand

To defeat the Miracle Hand, you will need to bring out the big guns. There are three options available:

  1. Almighty Damage: This is the quickest option if you have the necessary tools. You can use a Persona with an ability that deals Almighty damage or a Gem that allows you to use an Almighty skill against the Miracle Hand. Koromaru has Virus Breath by default, which can be used to attack the Miracle Hand before the protagonist's turn even begins.

  2. Break Skills: Another option is to use Break skills to break the Miracle Hand's resistance to a specific element. This will make the Miracle Hand susceptible to that element. For example, you can use Wind Break to break its resistance to wind, allowing Yukari to use her Wind abilities against it.

  3. Theurgy: If you have a full Theurgy bar and don't want to go through the hassle of defeating the Miracle Hand, you can use a Theurgy on it. This may be overkill, but it is effective. Yukari's Theurgy bar fills up quickly if someone in the party is using a physical-based Persona.

Tips for Defeating Miracle Hand

  • The Miracle Hand has a small HP pool, so it should be taken down quickly before it has a chance to escape.
  • If the Miracle Hand spawns with minions, use a single-target Theurgy to take it out first, then exploit the minions' weaknesses to gain an advantage.

Remember, defeating the Miracle Hand requires strategy and efficiency. Choose the option that works best for your party and make sure to act quickly before it escapes.

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