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Defeating the Judgment Sword: Weaknesses and Strategies in Persona 3 Reload

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In Persona 3 Reload, Monad Doors hold valuable items that can be obtained by defeating enemies like the Judgment Sword. However, the Monad Door version of the Judgment Sword is much tougher than its regular counterparts, posing a threat to players. This guide will provide information on the weaknesses of the Judgment Sword and strategies to defeat it.

Defeating the Judgment Sword: Weaknesses and Strategies in Persona 3 Reload

Weaknesses of Judgment Sword

The Judgment Sword in Persona 3 Reload is weak to Wind attacks but nullifies Pierce and absorbs Shock. It is important to have a Persona that resists Shock and to be prepared for physical attacks. If Aigis is in the party, she should focus on using Strike attacks and buffs.

Strategies to Beat Judgment Sword

One of the skills that the Judgment Sword possesses is Mazionga, which can be a threat to the party. It is crucial to have Yukari in the party since the Judgment Sword is weak to Wind attacks, but be cautious as it can exploit Yukari's weakness. Akihiko, who nullifies Shock and has no resistance to Strike, should have no problem in this fight. Mitsuru, Junpei, Koromaru, and Ken have neutral matchups, but Ken's ability to set up barriers can protect Yukari. Utilizing All-Out Attacks and Theurgies can help whittle down the Judgment Sword's health pool, but it is important to note that setting up these attacks may require some action due to the enemy's element of choice.

Weaknesses of Judgment Sword in Harabah

In Harabah, the Judgment Sword is a regular shadow and is weak to Dark attacks. However, it also has resistances and absorptions to consider:

  • Weakness: Dark
  • Dark Resist: Slash
  • Slash Nullify: Light
  • Light Absorb: Shock

Having Koromaru in the party can be advantageous as the Judgment Sword takes more damage from Dark attacks. However, it is important to note that the Judgment Sword usually appears alongside other enemies, making it more challenging to initiate an All-Out Attack. Players should consider their party composition and the weaknesses of other enemies when strategizing against the Judgment Sword in Harabah.

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