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Defeating Guardian Bosses in Persona 3 Reload: Strategies and Weaknesses

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Persona 3 Reload features challenging battles against the 12 Arcana Shadows in Tartarus. To prepare for these battles, you must level up by exploring Tartarus. However, progressing through Tartarus is not easy, as there are Guardian bosses stationed on certain floors that impede your progress. In this guide, we will provide you with strategies to defeat each Guardian boss.

Defeating Guardian Bosses in Persona 3 Reload: Strategies and Weaknesses

Thebel bosses (Floor five – Floor 17)

The first block of Tartarus, Thebel, contains three bosses. Each boss has weaknesses that can be exploited. None of the bosses in this block nullify, repel, or drain your attacks, so you can focus on dealing damage.

  • Floor five: Avoid using Yukari’s Garu and focus on Junpei’s Agi for damage.
  • Floor 11: Defeat the Magic Hands first using Fire damage before taking on the Barbaric Beast Wheel.
  • Floor 17: Fuse a Persona with Electric damage, avoid attacking physically with Junpei and the Protagonist, and use Yukari’s Pierce damage.

Arqa bosses (Floor 28 – Floor 60)

The second block of Tartarus, Arqa, features seven bosses. These bosses are more challenging than the ones in Thebel. Some bosses have the ability to repel or drain certain attacks, so you need to be careful. Here are some tips for defeating the Arqa bosses:

  • Floor 28: Focus on defeating the Lightning Ravens first with Wind damage before shifting your attention to the Will o’Wisp Raven.
  • Floor 35: Deal as much Electric damage to the Heretic Magus if you have Akihiko in your party.
  • Floor 36: Defeat the two Slaughter Twins with Electric damage before taking on the Disturbing Dice.
  • Floor 42: Keep your healing and evasion skills ready while avoiding Light and Dark damage.
  • Floor 47: Bring your strongest Dark damage dealing Persona for this boss.
  • Floor 54: Defeat the Profligate Gigas first with Wind damage and then use physical damage on the boss.
  • Floor 60: Debuff the boss’ damage and defense while buffing yours.

Yabbashah bosses (Floor 77 – Floor 112)

The third block of Tartarus, Yabbashah, contains 10 bosses spread out across two sections. These bosses nullify a lot of damage, so you need to be prepared. Here are some strategies for defeating the Yabbashah bosses:

  • Floor 77: Focus on Ice damage for offense.
  • Floor 82: Defeat the Heat Overseer with Wind or Electric damage, and the Sky Overseer with Fire or Ice damage before engaging the boss.
  • Floor 90: Defeat the Tome of Atrophy with Fire damage first before using your strongest attacks on the Deviant Convict.
  • Floor 91: Keep the Dependent Partner controlled with Pierce damage while you focus your damage on the Controlling Partner.
  • Floor 99: Defeat the Five Fingers of Blight first with Dark damage, then move on to the boss with Electric damage.
  • Floor 105: Keep the Bloody Maria controlled with Pierce damage while you take out the Executioner’s Crown first.
  • Floor 112: Avoid using Pierce damage and focus your strongest Slash and Strike attacks on the boss.

Tziah bosses (Floor 125 – Floor 171)

The fourth block of Tartarus, Tziah, is a long block with 11 bosses. These bosses have varied weaknesses and drain effects. Here are some tips for defeating the Tziah bosses:

  • Floor 125: Defeat the two Rampaging Sands first with Strike damage before moving on to the Heartless Relic with Electric damage.
  • Floor 126: Maintain a consistent barrage of Wind damage to keep knocking down the boss.
  • Floor 132: Keep your party’s evasion up as much as possible to avoid instant-kill skills.
  • Floor 136: Defeat the Subservient Left Hand with Fire damage and the Purging Right Hand with Electric damage. Then use Ice skills on the boss.
  • Floor 143: Maintain debuffs on the boss while using your strongest physical damage skills.
  • Floor 151: Defeat the two Tomes of Persecution with Dark damage, then switch up to Strike damage for the boss.
  • Floor 155: Maintain healing while chipping away at the boss with strong physical attacks.
  • Floor 161: Keep both of the bosses knocked down with multi-target Wind attacks.
  • Floor 170: Defeat the Serpents of Absurdity with Ice damage before engaging the boss with Light damage.
  • Floor 171: Avoid using Ice, Light, or Dark damage. Keep your healing up while you chip the boss down.

Harabah bosses (Floor 179 – Floor 225)

The fifth block of Tartarus, Harabah, features 12 bosses. Weaknesses are starting to get scarce, so you need to be resourceful. Here are some strategies for defeating the Harabah bosses:

  • Floor 179: Use your best Dark attacks while avoiding the boss’ strong Wind skills.
  • Floor 184: Defeat the Executive Greatsword with Fire damage first, then focus your strongest attacks on the Merciless Judge.
  • Floor 188: Defeat the two Resentful Surveillants with Slash damage, then use your strongest physical attacks on the boss.
  • Floor 193: Maintain consistent healing while using powerful attacks, preferably Almighty damage.
  • Floor 203: Defeat the Luckless Cupid with Electric damage first, then focus your Fire damage on the Icebreaker Lion.
  • Floor 212: Defeat the Younger Sibling and the Middle Sibling with Wind and Ice damage respectively. Then focus your strongest physical damage on the Eldest Sibling.
  • Floor 218: Cure the boss’ Rage skill as often as you can. Then use your strongest magical damage on the Scornful Dice.
  • Floor 225: Keep the party healed while chipping the boss’ health down with Slash and Pierce damage.

Adamah bosses (Floor 230 – Floor 255)

The sixth and final block of Tartarus, Adamah, contains eight bosses. These bosses are the strongest of the Guardian bosses and have no weaknesses. Here are some strategies for defeating the Adamah bosses:

  • Floor 230: Focus your strongest physical damage to take the boss down quickly.
  • Floor 236: Defeat the Foot Soldiers and Mage Soldiers with Fire and Pierce damage respectively. Then defeat the boss with strong Slash, Pierce, and Almighty damage.
  • Floor 241: Avoid Light and Dark damage. Use your strongest attacks on the bosses.
  • Floor 246: Defeat the Invasive Serpents with Strike damage before focusing on the boss with your most powerful Ice damage.
  • Floor 247: Use Fire, Electric, Light, or Almighty damage while healing your party constantly.
  • Floor 253: Use your strongest Wind attacks while enduring the boss’ Almighty attacks by healing your party.
  • Floor 254: Cure the debuffs on your party. Use your strongest Strike and Almighty damage to take them out.
  • Floor 255: Keep curing the Confusion effect on your party while you bombard the enemy with Pierce, Fire, Wind, Light, and Almighty damage.

Congratulations on defeating every Guardian boss in Persona 3 Reload! If you're interested, there are also optional bosses hidden behind fixed Monad doors in Tartarus. These bosses offer unique rewards and access to the next Monad passage. Good luck!

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