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Defeat Elizabeth, the Formidable Boss in Persona 3 Reload: Strategies and Tips

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Persona 3 Reload presents players with challenging battles, including the formidable boss, Elizabeth. In this guide, we will provide you with the necessary strategies and tips to defeat Elizabeth and emerge victorious.

Defeat Elizabeth, the Formidable Boss in Persona 3 Reload: Strategies and Tips

Initiating the Battle

To start the Elizabeth boss battle, you need to reach Floor 255 in the Adamah block of Tartarus. After completing the Monad door on the same floor, you will encounter a locked door. To unlock it, you must fulfill Elizabeth's 100th request and defeat The Reaper.

The Battle Rules

Before diving into the battle, it is crucial to understand the rules that govern the encounter with Elizabeth:

  1. You must face Elizabeth alone; no party members are allowed.
  2. Instant kill skills, like Armageddon, cannot be used on Elizabeth (except during the final phase).
  3. Nullifying effects, including Personas with Null, Repel, and Drain, are prohibited.
  4. Passive counterattacking skills, such as High Counter, are not allowed.
  5. The battle must be completed within 50 turns.

Breaking any of these rules will result in Elizabeth using an instant-kill Megidolaon attack, ending the battle.

Necessary Setup

Before challenging Elizabeth, it is recommended to complete your Persona Compendium. This involves finishing all Social Links and fusing every Persona, including the Special Fusions. Orpheus Telos, who is resistant to all damage types except Almighty, should be your main Persona for this battle. Additionally, ensure that you have Personas with healing, curing, and automatic stat-raising skills. Having skills like Heat Riser, Debilitate, Charge, and Concentrate will further enhance your damage output. It is also advisable to reach level 99 to maximize the efficiency of your Personas.

The Battle Strategy

The battle with Elizabeth is divided into three phases:

First Phase

In the first phase, focus on buffing yourself and debuffing Elizabeth. Use your auto-buff Persona to gain the necessary buffs quickly. Depending on your Persona's specialization, keep Charge and Concentrate ready. Orpheus Telos with physical damage skills can potentially knock Elizabeth down, leaving her vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

Second Phase

The second phase begins when Elizabeth's health drops to 75 percent. She will use Pixie to cast an instant-kill Megidolaon attack. Make sure to have Enduring Soul to survive this attack. Elizabeth's attacks become more aggressive, but they follow a similar pattern as before.

Final Phase

In the final phase, continue chipping away at Elizabeth's health while enduring her attacks. Build up your Theurgy gauge and switch to a Persona with Endure when Elizabeth is close to dropping to 50 percent health. This is crucial because Elizabeth will use another instant-kill Megidolaon attack. After surviving this attack, heal up and ensure your Theurgy gauge is full. Once Elizabeth's health is below 50 percent, use Armageddon to deal 9999 damage and secure victory. Armageddon prevents Elizabeth from healing due to its instant-kill effect.


By following these strategies and utilizing the recommended setup, you can defeat Elizabeth, the most powerful boss in Persona 3 Reload. After emerging victorious, you will receive the Platinum Bookmark as proof of your triumph and the Omnipotent Orb as your reward from Elizabeth. Good luck!

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