October 28, 2023

DEADROP: A Vertical Extraction Shooter with Gritty Cyberpunk Aesthetic

Liam Fletcher
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It has been more than a year since Dr Disrespect started revealing gameplay clips from his in-development extraction shooter, DEADROP. Developed by Midnight Society, the studio headed by Dr Disrespect himself, DEADROP has gained attention and anticipation from gamers worldwide. As a fan of extraction shooters, I recently had the opportunity to play DEADROP and was pleasantly surprised in several ways.

DEADROP: A Vertical Extraction Shooter with Gritty Cyberpunk Aesthetic

What is DEADROP?

DEADROP is a vertical extraction shooter, a type of game where players suit up, drop into a map, loot items, fight other players, complete tasks, and extract safely before a timer runs out. While this genre has been popularized by games like Escape From Tarkov, DEADROP sets itself apart by offering a vertical gameplay experience. Players can scale surfaces, climb ladders, ascend pipes, and use elevators to navigate maps that span multiple levels. The game's aesthetic is gritty, urban, and reminiscent of the 80s cyberpunk era.

My Impressions of DEADROP

As a fan of the extraction shooter genre, I found DEADROP to be a solid offering. The gameplay involved typical tasks such as looting, fighting, and filling my backpack with various items. Although the game is still in the early stages of development, it already provides a satisfying experience. The available weapons, healing items, and armor offer a decent variety, and the gunplay feels well-developed. The player character's movements are fluid and responsive, with mechanics like sliding, mantling, climbing, and sprinting adding to the fast-paced nature of the game.

One unique aspect of DEADROP is that death doesn't mean the end. Unlike most extraction shooters, where dying results in failure and returning to the lobby, in DEADROP, players are reset with a simple pistol and have the opportunity to redeem themselves, find their loot, and extract again. While this may seem unusual, it adds an interesting twist to the gameplay.

Areas for Improvement

While my overall experience with DEADROP was positive, there were a few areas that could be improved. The game's graphics customization options are limited, which may be a drawback for players with less capable rigs. Additionally, the directional audio in the game was lacking, and some sounds were overpowering, affecting the overall immersion.

The Future of DEADROP

As an in-development title, DEADROP shows promise. With each snapshot release, the game continues to evolve and improve. While there are some features, such as microtransactions and tradable collectibles, that may raise concerns among players, it's important to remember that the game is still a work in progress. Overall, I believe that with further development and refinement, DEADROP has the potential to become an exceptional extraction shooter.

In conclusion, my experience playing DEADROP was enjoyable, and I believe that the game has a bright future ahead. I look forward to seeing how Midnight Society continues to shape and enhance this vertical extraction shooter.

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