June 25, 2024

Counter-Strike 2's Ongoing Battle with Cheaters: Insights from MOUZ’s torzsi

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Key Takeaways:

  • Counter-Strike 2 has been grappling with a significant cheating problem since its release in September 2023.
  • MOUZ’s torzsi highlights the prevalence of cheaters in CS2’s Premier mode, especially at high ranks.
  • Despite Valve's efforts, including a VAC wave in May, the cheating issue persists.
  • Many pro and skilled players have shifted to playing on FACEIT servers, seeking better anti-cheat security.

Counter-Strike 2's release in September 2023 was met with great anticipation, but almost a year on, the game is struggling with a persistent issue that plagues many online competitive platforms: cheaters. MOUZ’s torzsi, during a guest appearance on the HLTV Confirmed talk show on June 24, shed light on the severity of the situation, especially within CS2’s Premier mode.

Counter-Strike 2's Ongoing Battle with Cheaters: Insights from MOUZ’s torzsi

The State of Cheating in CS2's Premier Mode

Torzsi's firsthand experience points to a disheartening reality for players at the top of the ranking ladder. He notes, "If you play on high ranks, it’s 90 percent cheaters. It’s really bad." This is a significant concern that undermines the competitive integrity of the game. Despite this, torzsi mentions that the middle rankings, around 15,000 points, offer a somewhat less cheater-infested environment, though the highest tiers remain virtually unplayable for those seeking a fair match.

Industry Reactions and Valve's Efforts

The reaction from other esports professionals and analysts echoes torzsi's frustrations. SPUNJ, a renowned CS2 caster and analyst, has abandoned the Premier mode altogether, citing the overwhelming presence of cheaters as the primary reason for his disengagement.

In an attempt to address these concerns, Valve initiated a new VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) wave in early May, targeting and banning hundreds of accounts daily. This move was initially received with optimism by the community, hopeful for a significant reduction in cheating. Unfortunately, the problem seems to persist, with little to no improvement seen since the VAC wave, as per torzsi's observations.

The Community's Shift to FACEIT

The rampant cheating in Premier mode has led many professional and skilled players to seek alternative platforms for competitive play. FACEIT servers have become a popular choice, thanks to their enhanced anti-cheat measures, which appear to be more effective than Valve's efforts. This shift underscores the community's demand for a fair and competitive environment, something that CS2's official servers are currently struggling to provide.


The ongoing battle against cheaters in Counter-Strike 2, particularly within its Premier mode, poses a significant challenge for Valve. The insights from MOUZ’s torzsi, along with the broader community's shift to platforms like FACEIT, highlight the urgent need for more effective anti-cheat solutions. As the game approaches its one-year anniversary, the community remains hopeful for a future where fair play is the norm, not the exception.

(First reported by: HLTV, Date: June 24)

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