November 1, 2023

Bug Fix for TI12 Compendium Rewards and Other Issues at Dota 2 International 2023

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Valve has taken swift action to address an issue that affected Dota 2 players during the early matches of the International 2023 (TI12) Playoffs. The bug, which prevented players from earning their promised rewards in the Fantasy League of Compendium 2023, has been mostly resolved.

Bug Fix for TI12 Compendium Rewards and Other Issues at Dota 2 International 2023

Bug Fix for TI12 Compendium Rewards

Valve's janitor, responsible for fixing Dota 2-related bugs, acknowledged and rectified the initial bug on October 25th. The bug prevented players from receiving Dota 2 Fantasy League points if their roster consisted entirely of teams that advanced on the first day of the playoffs. Valve has since updated the scores and granted rewards to affected players.

As of November 1st, most instances of the bug have been resolved. However, a few users are still reporting issues with their client displaying TBD for certain results and pending rewards.

Additional Issues During TI12

In addition to the Fantasy League bug, players also encountered other issues during TI12. Some players were unable to make tournament predictions due to a DotaTV bug.

Ongoing Bugs and Fixes

While most of the bugs have been addressed, there are still some minor issues that have been observed during TI12. These include Troll Warlord's ultimate ability causing him to become immobile and voice lines not producing any sound in-game. Valve plans to release a small patch, version 7.34e, in the following weeks to address these bugs and make minor tweaks.

A larger post-TI re-balance patch is expected to arrive in a month or two.

Valve's prompt response to the bugs and their commitment to resolving them demonstrates their dedication to providing a smooth gaming experience for Dota 2 players. Players can look forward to enjoying the game without the frustration of encountering these issues.

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