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Boost Your Gameplay with Elsa Bloodstone in Marvel Snap

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Marvel Snap's Halloween offering last year was the Bloodstone season, which introduced the Elsa Bloodstone card as the season pass card. Elsa Bloodstone is a member of the Midnight Sons in the Marvel universe, a group dedicated to slaying supernatural beings, particularly werewolves. She possesses superhuman abilities, including enhanced strength, stamina, durability, and healing powers, thanks to the power of her Bloodgem.

Boost Your Gameplay with Elsa Bloodstone in Marvel Snap

In Marvel Snap, Elsa Bloodstone has a game-changing ability that boosts other cards. Her ability reads, 'After you play a card that fills this location, give it +2 Power.' This makes her a valuable tech card that can grant bonus power to your cards.

Best Elsa Bloodstone Decks

Elsa Bloodstone's ability works well with almost any card, making her a versatile addition to any deck. However, there are certain cards that can take full advantage of her effect.

Kitty Pryde Combo

One powerful combo is pairing Elsa Bloodstone with Kitty Pryde. Kitty Pryde can bounce herself back to your hand while stacking power. Playing her in a location with three cards while Elsa Bloodstone is present can give her a total of +4 Power every time she is bounced.

Silk Combo

Another effective combo is using Silk with Elsa Bloodstone. Silk's ability to shift herself across locations can be advantageous, especially if she moves to a location with two cards. This creates space for other cards that can be boosted by Elsa Bloodstone's ability.

Elsa Bloodstone Decks

Ka-Zar Zoo

One deck where Elsa Bloodstone can be utilized is the Ka-Zar Zoo deck. The main strategy is to fill all locations with cards, particularly one-cost units, which can be boosted by Ka-Zar. Blue Marvel and Onslaught can further enhance the power of these cards. Ant-Man, Agent 13, Squirrel Girl, and Shanna are recommended cards for this deck.

Thanos Lockjaw

Another deck that benefits from Elsa Bloodstone's ability is the Thanos Lockjaw deck. The goal of this deck is to shuffle the six Infinity Stones back into your deck using Lockjaw's ability. The Infinity Stones provide various advantages and are the main targets for Lockjaw's card-switching ability. Cull Obsidian, Devil Dinosaur, Vision, Blob, Skaar, and Magneto are powerful cards to include in this deck.

Countering Elsa Bloodstone Decks

While Elsa Bloodstone is immune to certain disruption cards, such as Cosmo, Enchantress, Rogue, and Echo, there are ways to counter her ability. Shadow King can bring back the power of the cards to their base power, rendering Elsa Bloodstone's boost useless. Debrii can also disrupt Elsa Bloodstone's play by giving a one-cost rock unit to each location, preventing her boost from taking effect.

In conclusion, Elsa Bloodstone is a valuable card in Marvel Snap, with her ability to boost other cards and create powerful combos. Whether you choose to include her in a Ka-Zar Zoo deck or a Thanos Lockjaw deck, she can greatly enhance your gameplay. However, it's important to be aware of potential counters and strategies to counter Elsa Bloodstone decks.

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