November 1, 2023

Best Duos for Nexus Blitz: Optimize Your Gameplay with These Powerful Combos

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Looking to play Nexus Blitz and want to know which is the best duo in the patch? Here is a list of the best duos you should definitely try.

Best Duos for Nexus Blitz: Optimize Your Gameplay with These Powerful Combos

Brand - Caitlyn

The first duo on the list is one of the most traditional combos that you also see in Summoners’ Rift: Brand and Caitlyn. The main strength of this combination is the ability to blow up people with both physical and magic damage outputs. Moreover, both champions have a decent amount of mid and long-range abilities, as well as crowd controls, to lock down and take down opponents.

One downside, however, is the squishiness of both champions. If enemies have multiple tools of hard-engage, it can be hard to navigate through them: your positioning will be a lot more important in those matches.

Yone - Morgana

While Brand and Caitlyn can both become carries in their duo, Yone and Morgana are more of a traditional carry + support combination. Yone is clearly the main carry and will be doing most of the damage while Morgana will provide him with crowd controls. This doesn’t mean, however, that Morgana will have to go full utility items: she can also just go full AP if she’s able to consistently hit the abilities and ultimate. Choose according to the enemy team composition.

Taric - Master Yi

This is probably one of the best duo combos in LoL, and Nexus Blitz is no different. Mainly used in the 2v2 LoL Arena game mode, Taric and Master Yi create such a great synergy to power through entire enemy teams, sweeping them with Master Yi’s DPS and Taric’s defensive tools. As long as the support can successfully cast the ultimate, Master Yi will be unstoppable. This combo works equally well in Nexus Blitz, giving the faster pace of the game which allows Master Yi to reach his spikes faster. If you’re playing with a friend, this is a great duo to play over voice chat.

Seraphine - Miss Fortune

If you enjoy playing for the wombo combos, then Seraphine and Miss Fortune are going to be an enjoyable combination for you. Given the smaller size of the map and the frequent skirmishes, Seraphine can easily hit the ultimate and set up the ADC for a great Bullet Time. It doesn’t end there, however, since both champions have also decent mid-range poke and Seraphine also provides heals and shields to protect Miss Fortune.

Jinx - Maokai

This is one of the underrated duos in Nexus Blitz. Jinx is probably one of the best ADCs in this game mode given her ability to get resets and quickly shred through champions’ health bar. Maokai not only has a good amount of magic damage to hybridize the damage output but he can also lock down one single target long enough to give Jinx time to get the initial reset and wipe out the enemy team. It requires a bit of coordination but it’s a great carry duo and one of the best to play in Nexus Blitz.

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