February 12, 2024

Avoiding the Cryopod Bug in Helldivers 2: Tips for Online Co-op Players

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Since its launch, Helldivers 2 has unfortunately had its fair share of bugs and issues. One of the most frustrating bugs is the cryopod bug, which traps players inside the cryopod when they spawn onto a ship.

Avoiding the Cryopod Bug in Helldivers 2: Tips for Online Co-op Players

Understanding the Cryopod Bug

The cryopod bug in Helldivers 2 occurs when multiple players try to join a ship at the same time. This bug does not affect solo players, but it can be a problem for those playing with friends. The bug seems to have been accidentally introduced during server maintenance.

How to Avoid the Cryopod Bug

To avoid getting trapped in the cryopod, it is recommended to coordinate with your teammates when joining a ship. Make sure everyone joins one at a time to prevent triggering the bug.

What to Do If You Get Trapped

If you find yourself stuck in the cryopod, there is a workaround. Wait for all the other players to select a mission, and you will be instantly teleported to the Hellpod, allowing you to resume playing as normal. There is no need to reset the game.

The Importance of Online Co-op

While playing solo is an option in Helldivers 2, the game was designed with online co-op in mind. Some mission types are easier to complete with human allies. Unfortunately, the game does not offer AI-controlled teammates in single-player mode.


The cryopod bug in Helldivers 2 is an annoying inconvenience, but the developers at Arrowhead Game Studios are aware of it and have promised to deploy a fix. Although there is no specific timeline for the fix, players can expect it to arrive soon. In the meantime, players can avoid the bug by coordinating with their teammates and enjoy the game's online co-op features.

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