The Only Valorant Betting Guide You Will Need



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The newest title from Riot Games, Valorant, is seeing a lot of action on the competitive gaming circuit. Betting enthusiasts will likely have seen an increase in esports markets at their preferred bookmaker, with Valorant likely being one of the games available.

The Only Valorant Betting Guide You Will Need

Your search for information about Valorant betting ends here. You'll learn in this expert guide that Valorant is gaining a lot of traction among esports betting enthusiasts since it blends first-person shooter and battle arena gaming components. A firm grasp of the game is the backbone of any successful approach to Valorant betting, as with any other wagering sport. Keep reading to learn more.

The Basics Of Valorant Gameplay and Mechanics

The first thing you need to do when learning how to bet on Valorant is to understand how the game works and how a side wins or loses.

Five players face off against another five in a Valorant match.

There are several playable characters called Agents available, and each team must choose five of them. Each agent has unique skills that may be employed strategically, such as smoke grenades, Molotov cocktails, and healing. The key to winning is picking agents that can produce powerful combos.

The Agent's abilities exist primarily to enhance the game's arsenal. There is a wide variety of weaponry available to pick from. Pistols, SMGs, Rifles, and Snipers are all available, as are other types of weaponry common to first-person shooters.

There is an in-game economy to interact with. Winning earns you more money, but losing hurts the economy. To be on equal footing with your enemies, you must master the art of economic management.

Both teams alternate attacking and defending during the game's two halves. To succeed, the attackers must place a spike (much like Counter Strike's bomb) at one of two locations. The defenders must keep these areas safe and neutralize the spike if installed there.

The match format is best of 25 in the default, unranked mode. The first team to win 13 rounds wins the match. In competitive mode, the winning team must win by a two-round lead.

Valorant Game Modes

  • Unrated: If you're looking for a less competitive Valorant matching experience, try Unrated. Losing teams' rankings won't be affected in this game mode. If a side wins 13 consecutive rounds in a best-of-25 format, they will win the match.
  • Spike Rush: Spike Rush Game Mode is an 80-second or 100-second round game in which each offensive team member carries a Spike that players must activate by planting. Each player's ultimate ability is primed, and orbs of power appear randomly across the playing field.
  • Deathmatch: In the deathmatch mode, ten players compete in a free-for-all for six minutes; the winner is determined by who racks up 30 kills first.
  • Competitive: The Competitive mode is a ranked variant of the usual best-of-25 match in Valorant. After competing in five matches, players' performances are ranked, with Radiant being the top tier and Iron being the lowest.

How To Read Valorant Odds

Understanding how Valorant odds work is part of the core of your Valorant betting strategy.

Valorant betting odds are often presented as American odds, shown as a number in proportion to -100. The likelihood of a team winning has a huge impact on these figures. Underdogs are represented by the plus (+) symbol, while favorites are shown by the negative (-) sign.

Here's an example of what Valorant odds could look like: Cloud9 -175 Vs. Immortals +150.

Based on the odds above, Cloud9 is the match favorite. Following the negative sign is the amount that would have to be wagered to bring in $100 in profit. If you get $175, for instance, and win, your profit will be $100.

Conversely, the plus symbol indicates Immortals are this match's underdogs. Here, the odds display how much you may expect to win on a $100 wager. Bet $100, and you'd get $150 profit.

Bettors should know that odds fluctuate regularly and vary marginally from one sportsbook to the next. Check out our recommended Valorant betting sites if you are confused about where to bet or are just shopping for a new bookmaker.

Valorant Betting Types

Once you've honed your Valorant betting strategy, you must now learn what bets await you in betting on Valorant. This section of this expert Valorant betting guide will discuss the bet types that most eSports betting sites offer for Valorant.

Match Winner

Match-winners are the most basic Valorant betting selections. This is a traditional "pick the winner" wager. To win, all you have to do is predict the victorious team. It's safe to say that match-winners are the most popular bet type, whether you're playing singles or accumulators.

Correct Score

To win these wagers, you must predict the game's final score. Correct score bets may be classified into two types in Valorant: map-based and match-based. 

The map-based correct score demands successfully predicting the result of a particular map (e.g., 13-9 for Immortals on map 1).  Match-based correct score asks you to accurately forecast the result of the given match (e.g., 2-1 for Cloud9). Correct score bets, in general, are notoriously tough to call.

Total Rounds or Maps

Over/under wagers on the number of maps or rounds play out similarly to correct score wagers, with one key distinction. Rather than guessing the final score, you'll need to predict how many maps or rounds will be played in a given match. 

Bookies make an educated prediction based on recent outcomes (and other metrics), and your task is to predict whether the final map/round count will be greater or lower than that figure.

Most Assists or Kills

This Valorant betting option is relatively simple. To win this bet, you must correctly predict which player will record the most kills (or assists, if you want) during the match. This esports offer is risky, but it may pay off big if you know your way around Valorant's competitive gaming community.

To Win Pistol Rounds

Pistol rounds serve as the opening rounds for both halves. So, in a Valorant match, the first and thirteenth maps are known as "pistol rounds." They majorly impact the next two rounds and may swing the odds significantly in any team's favor. This is why teams put forth additional work on perfecting pistol rounds and why betting on them is so popular. 

Valorant Tournaments To Bet On

Now that you understand how to bet on Valorant, you might be interested in finding a Valorant eSport tournament to bet on. Several tournaments have already taken place worldwide, although the game is still relatively young.

So far, the only tournament on the list is the VCT Champions Tour 2022: Game Changers Championship, to be held in Berlin from November 15 to 20.

Keep in mind that some of these dates may shift. Not only is Valorant a relatively new addition to the world of online gaming, but the globe is also now dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to these unusual circumstances, several major esports tournaments have had to make last-minute scheduling adjustments.

The Valorant esports community has not yet organized any large recurring events. You may stay up to date by visiting Valorant bookmakers. Fast as it expands, the current player base is still dwarfed by what it will be in the future.

Final Thoughts

Valorant is still a relatively young game, as was indicated in the beginning. So far, we've only seen a handful of major events, a few of which saw very little betting action at all. 

The good news is that the game's competitive culture appears to be maturing nicely. Many former CSGO pros and others from the competitive first-person shooter world have also joined the scene.  There is also a lot of fresh talent here. Eventually, the game will catch on with the next round of esports hopefuls.

This is fantastic news for the Valorant gambling industry since bookmakers' risk management teams pay close attention to long-term sustainability while developing comprehensive coverage.

When it comes to the age-old query of "how to bet on Valorant," we are certain that we've covered all the bases. There is, of course, a plethora of additional, more complex ideas and concepts. Since our Valorant betting tutorial is aimed at newcomers, we tried to keep everything as straightforward and brief as possible.

Best of luck to you in your Valorant betting adventures.

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