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October 31, 2023

Top OP Champions in Nexus Blitz: Unleash the Power of Jax, Samira, and More!

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Nexus Blitz is a fast-paced game mode in League of Legends that features constant skirmishes and team fights. In this article, we will discuss the most overpowered (OP) champions in Nexus Blitz and why they excel in this game mode.

Top OP Champions in Nexus Blitz: Unleash the Power of Jax, Samira, and More!


Jax is our number one pick for Nexus Blitz. He is not only easy to pick up and play, but he also excels at all stages of the game. Jax is known for his exceptional dueling capabilities, capable of taking down multiple enemies alone with his high damage per second (DPS) and burst damage. Additionally, his bruiser-like build and resistances from his ultimate make him difficult to take down. In a game mode where skirmishes happen frequently, Jax is a champion you definitely want on your team.


Samira is another OP champion in Nexus Blitz, especially in a game mode that emphasizes skirmishes and team fights. As an ADC, Samira shines with her great all-in potential and area-of-effect (AoE) damage. She can quickly burst down most targets with her fast combos and make multiple outplays within the same game. However, Samira is not an easy champion to master, especially for beginners.


Brand is the AP version of Samira and is also considered OP in Nexus Blitz. His ability to cast powerful spells and his ultimate allows him to deal significant damage to enemies. The smaller map size in Nexus Blitz makes it easier for Brand to hit his spells, resulting in consistent damage output throughout the game.


Lillia may not be among the most popular champions in Nexus Blitz, but she is our secret OP pick. Her passive and low cooldowns on her abilities allow her to deal consistent magic damage. However, what makes Lillia truly powerful is her passive, which grants her incredible movement speed, allowing her to dodge incoming damage. As long as you can keep her passive running, Lillia becomes unstoppable.


Teemo, also known as the Little Devil, is a top pick in Nexus Blitz due to his annoying ability to place mushrooms strategically. The smaller map size increases the chances of enemies stepping on his mushrooms, resulting in significant damage. Additionally, Teemo can stay invisible for most of the time and finish off enemies with auto attacks and abilities. However, piloting Teemo effectively requires a strategic mind.


In Nexus Blitz, it's not all about dealing damage. Seraphine is a strong pick in this game mode because she can provide sustain and shields to her entire team while dealing good AoE damage with her Qs. The increased mana regeneration in Nexus Blitz addresses one of Seraphine's weaknesses, making her an oppressive presence in the game.


If you enjoy carrying your team to victory, Kayle is the right pick for you in Nexus Blitz. The increased experience in this game mode allows Kayle to skip her weakest early phase and reach her power spikes faster. Her ultimate is useful during duels and team fights, making her difficult to kill. Once Kayle reaches level 16, her DPS becomes unmatched. As long as you and your teammates don't mess up the early game, Kayle is a late-game guarantee for victory.

These are the best champions for Nexus Blitz. If you want to know more about the current meta picks, check out our full Nexus Blitz Tier List!

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