February 14, 2024

xQc's Frustration with Viewer Interference in GTA RP

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xQc recently expressed his frustration with viewers spoiling his GTA RP experience during a livestream on Feb. 12. He explained that he chooses to play the game offline so that he can fully enjoy it without any disruptions.

xQc's Frustration with Viewer Interference in GTA RP

The Impact of Viewer Interference

xQc's viewers asked if he would stream more GTA RP sessions, to which he responded with a clear indication that it is unlikely to happen anytime soon. He expressed his disappointment with the behavior of some viewers, stating that their interference has made the experience unenjoyable. He emphasized that if it weren't for their actions, he would have been more inclined to stream the game.

Persistent Issues with Invasive Fans

This is not the first time xQc has voiced his frustration with invasive fans trying to dictate his roleplaying sessions. He previously blamed viewers for ruining livestreams in January, and it appears that the situation has not improved since then.

The Popularity of GTA RP

GTA 5 has gained significant popularity among streamers, especially with the introduction of the multiplayer mod that caters to roleplayers in groups. Twitchmetrics reports a surge in streamed hours of GTA RP since the release of the first trailer for GTA 6.

xQc's Streaming Habits

xQc has been actively streaming GTA RP since Dec. 7, with half of his total streaming hours dedicated to the game. However, during his Feb. 12 livestream, he hinted at a potential change in his streaming habits. While he continued to stream the game the following day, he limited his interactions with viewers. It remains uncertain whether he will continue playing GTA RP or switch to another game in the future.

The Future of xQc's Streams

Currently, xQc primarily streams in Twitch's Just Chatting category rather than gaming. It is unlikely that this will change in the near future.

In conclusion, xQc's GTA RP experience has been marred by viewer interference, leading him to play the game offline. Despite the popularity of GTA RP among streamers, xQc's frustration with invasive fans persists. The future of his streams remains uncertain, as he contemplates potential changes to his streaming habits. For now, viewers can expect to see xQc primarily in the Just Chatting category on Twitch.

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