February 14, 2024

Skull and Bones Season One: Start Date and Exciting Updates Revealed

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Season one of Skull and Bones is set to bring exciting new content to Ubisoft's pirate game. Fans are eagerly anticipating its start date. In this article, we will discuss when season one is likely to begin based on the available information.

Skull and Bones Season One: Start Date and Exciting Updates Revealed

The Roadmap

Ubisoft has outlined a roadmap for Skull and Bones, which includes four seasons of post-launch content. The game's popularity may even lead to additional seasons beyond 2024.

Start Date Estimation

While Ubisoft has not provided specific start dates, we can make an educated guess. It is unlikely that season one will begin alongside the game's launch on February 16. Ubisoft wants players to have enough time to progress, upgrade their ships, and prepare for the endgame and post-launch content.

Season Duration

Each season is expected to last approximately three months or 12 weeks. This allows for four seasons within a year. Considering that year one of Skull and Bones will likely end in February 2025, season one is projected to begin in March 2024 and run until May. The exact start date in March is uncertain, but Ubisoft is unlikely to keep fans waiting for too long after the game's launch.

What to Expect

Ubisoft has confirmed that season one will bring new content to Skull and Bones. However, specific details have not been revealed at this time.


Skull and Bones season one is anticipated to start in March 2024 and last until May. Ubisoft's commitment to supporting the game until 2025 ensures that players can look forward to a year of exciting updates and additions. Stay tuned for official announcements from Ubisoft regarding the start date and content of season one.

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