October 27, 2023

MAD Lions: Restructuring and Potential Partnership for 2024 Season

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Following their elimination at Worlds 2023, Spanish organization MAD Lions has allowed its players to explore options for the upcoming 2024 season. This decision comes shortly after MAD's elimination, indicating a potential restructuring in 2024.

MAD Lions: Restructuring and Potential Partnership for 2024 Season

Players and Staff Affected

According to a report by Sheep Esports, MAD Lions have informed some of its staff members and players that they are free to explore other opportunities for 2024. The players affected include mid laner Yasin 'Nisqy' Din√ßer, AD Carry Maty√°Ň° 'Carzzy' Ors√°g, and Support Zdravets 'Hylissang' Iliev Galabov, as well as most of the coaching staff. However, jungle player Javier 'Elyoya' Prades Batalla, whose contract expires next month, seems to be unaffected.

Contract Status

While the affected players and staff are allowed to explore options, the rest of the roster remains under contract until at least next year. Nisqy and Hylissang's contracts will expire at the end of 2024, while Carzzy and Chasy's contracts should theoretically run until 2025.

Potential Partnership with Movistar Riders

In addition to the player and staff changes, there are rumors of a potential partnership between MAD Lions and Movistar Riders. This partnership aims to tap into the growing Spanish market. Although no deal has been reached yet, Movistar Riders previously expressed interest in joining the LEC in 2018.

If a partnership is established, Elyoya's re-signing would become a priority and could impact roster decisions. Elyoya has expressed a desire to play with AD Carry David 'Supa' Mart√≠nez Garc√≠a and Support √Ālvaro 'Alvaro' Fern√°ndez del Amo, both from Movistar Riders. This potential partnership would also mark Elyoya's return to an organization he previously worked with in 2020, which launched him into the premiere European League of Legends competition.


The recent developments within MAD Lions indicate a period of change and potential growth for the organization. With players and staff exploring options for 2024 and the possibility of a partnership with Movistar Riders, MAD Lions is positioning itself for an exciting offseason in the European region.

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