Nomini eSports Betting Review 2024 - Tips & Tricks

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Welcome Bonus Offers
3500 Games
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Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

eSports betting online is an entertaining and lucrative hobby. Still, Nomini takes it to the next level with fun features to help bettors make the most out of your eSports betting. These factors can help gamblers access bonuses and other methods to acquire additional funds while wagering.

Here are a few tips and tricks to keep an eye out for.

Nomini's Vitamins Bonus Shop

Nomini offers a unique bonus shop where players can buy anything from free spins to real money funds.

Nomini's bonus shop works because bettors can earn points called 'Vitamins', which they can earn from activities done inside the online eSports betting site.

The first way that players can acquire Vitamins is through unlocking achievements. These can range from signing in and playing on mobile to placing first in tournaments and making a certain amount of spins on certain slots.

Another way to get Vitamins is by making deposits. Bettors can get additional Vitamins equal to 5% of their total deposit.

Punters can also get Vitamins by making bets. Every 1000€ staked gets them 1 Vitamin. Taking part in tournaments can also help bettors acquire more vitamins.

Keep in mind that the Vitamins and the prizes from the shop are subject to Terms and Conditions. For example, if bettors don't use their account for more than three months, they'll lose their Vitamins. Also, punters can only collect Vitamins when they place wagers for real money.

These bonuses are also subject to wagering requirements — 35 times for the bonus and deposit.

Daily Lucky Winner Jackpot

The daily Lucky Winner Jackpot is Nomini's way of rewarding bettors who use their betting services daily. Bettors who log in every day get the chance to get up to 5000€.

All registered bettors eligible to receive bonuses qualify for this event. Every day, at 00:01 UTC, one of these qualified bettors will be randomly selected in a daily raffle.

The daily prize is 50€, but if the prize is unclaimed — meaning the bettor who won did not log in for the day — it will be added to the prize the next day for up to 5,000€.

All the selected winning bettor needs to do to claim this prize is log in before 23:59 UTC on the day they are selected. Next, they need to click the 'Claim' Button, which will be in the Congratulations pop-up screen when they log in.

Again, getting this Luck Winner Jackpot is covered by Terms and Conditions like maximum bets and wagering requirements, so bettors should read the T&Cs thoroughly.

Always Check The Promotions Page

People frequently underestimate the power and significance of online casino bonuses. Online casino bonuses can swiftly improve your general outlook because having some extra advantages may always boost one's mood.

Casino promotions might be the catalyst for action that punters have been looking for. As a result, bettors should keep a close check on their Promotions List.

Their Promotions tab is located directly on the main page, next to their VIP window when players log in. However, bear in mind that these bonuses are subject to their unique Terms and Conditions, which bettors should thoroughly read and understand.