June 21, 2024

Riot Games Revamps VCT Rules for Ascension Teams: New Opportunities Ahead

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Key Takeaways

  • Riot Games is modifying the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) rules to offer Ascension teams a chance to extend their stay in the international leagues beyond the initial two-year term.
  • Starting in 2025, Ascension teams can secure an additional season in VCT by finishing top four in their league, or earn a spot in the Ascension tournament by placing in the top eight.
  • The VCT will maintain a cap of 12 teams per international league, moving away from the previously planned expansion to 14 teams by 2026.

Riot Games is switching up the esports landscape with a significant rule change for the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT), particularly affecting the newly promoted Ascension teams. This shake-up, set to take effect in 2025, is designed to inject even more competition and excitement into the already dynamic VCT scene.

Riot Games Revamps VCT Rules for Ascension Teams: New Opportunities Ahead

Understanding the New VCT Ascension Rules

The original VCT framework provided Ascension teams with a two-year tenure in the international leagues. However, under the new regulations, this period is reduced to a single year, with a twist. Teams now have the opportunity to either extend their stay in the league or secure a spot in the next Ascension tournament, based on their performance.

The Path to Extended Play in VCT

For Ascension teams, the route to securing another season among the elite is clear: finish in the top four of their international VCT league. Achieving this not only cements their place in the league but also underscores their prowess and competitiveness on the global stage.

Earning a Spot in the Ascension Tournament

Teams that show promise by finishing in the top eight, albeit not making the top four cut, are not left out in the cold. These teams automatically qualify for that year's Ascension tournament, presenting them with a chance to fight their way back into the VCT.

The Scenario for 2025

The 2025 season holds potential for some intriguing developments. With the introduction of two Ascension teams per league, the competition intensifies. The performance of these teams at the Champions event could determine their future in the VCT, making every match a high-stakes affair.

No Relegation for Current Ascension Teams

For teams like G2, Gentle Mates, Bleed Esports, and Dragon Ranger Gaming, the pressure of relegation is off the table this year. They are guaranteed a spot in the VCT for 2025, along with four newcomers. This stability allows for strategic planning and development, as the leagues maintain a 12-team structure.

The Future of VCT Team Promotion

The VCT is also opening new avenues for team promotion through the VALORANT Premier mode's Invite Division. This initiative promises to further diversify the competition and showcase emerging talent in the esports arena.

A New Chapter for VCT

Riot Games' rule adjustments reflect a commitment to evolving the VCT in a way that fosters competitive integrity, rewards performance, and maintains the league's status as the pinnacle of VALORANT esports. As teams adapt to these changes, fans can anticipate a more thrilling and unpredictable path to glory on the international stage.

The VCT is set for an electrifying future, with these rule changes promising to bring out the best in the teams and deliver unforgettable esports moments. Riot's innovative approach ensures that the journey to becoming a VALORANT champion is as dynamic and exciting as the game itself.

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