February 12, 2024

Enhance Your Fortnite Gameplay with NPC Hire

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Fortnite’s inclusion of NPCs and AI characters has sparked controversy among players. However, this addition brings an interesting dynamic to battle royale matches.

Enhance Your Fortnite Gameplay with NPC Hire

Hiring NPCs

In Fortnite Chapter Five, season one, players have the option to hire NPCs to join their squad. These NPCs can follow, fight, protect, and even heal players with shields and health items. Some NPCs are boss characters who drop powerful items when defeated, while others defend specific areas on the map. Additionally, there are NPCs who act as merchants, selling strong items.

To hire an NPC character, players need to interact with them. If an NPC can be hired, an icon with a silhouette of a person and a plus sign will appear on the interaction wheel.

NPC Locations

In chapter five, season one, there are eight characters available for hire in Fortnite. Here are their locations:

  1. Solid Snake: On an island north of Lavish Lair.
  2. Steelsight: On the balcony of a building in Rebel’s Roost.
  3. Contract Giller: On the docks north of Classy Courts.
  4. Metal Mouth: At the cemetery south of Classy Courts.
  5. Mecha Team Shadow: At Riviera Station, the train station southeast of Ritzy Riviera.
  6. Sun Tan Specialist: On the coastline of a beach.
  7. Dara: At a location called Lil’Villa, which is east of Fencing Fields and northwest of Hazy Hillside.
  8. Snow Striker: At the base camp in the snowy mountain area.

Please note that the locations, characters, and map may change with each Fortnite season. It is recommended to check for updates regularly.

In conclusion, hiring NPCs in Fortnite can enhance gameplay by providing additional support and resources. Players can strategically utilize these characters to gain an advantage in battle royale matches. So, next time you play Fortnite, consider enlisting an NPC to join your squad and experience the game in a new way!

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