Esports Bookmakers Accepting TrustPay

Esports betting is mainly an online affair, and many bookmakers offer more than just card payments and bank transfers. Top sites now include TrustPay because they want to maintain competitiveness, especially in the EU region. TrustPay, which is licensed to work in the European countries, assures eSports bettors of security and speed during their gambling transactions.

In addition to reducing the complexities of sending direct bank payments and eliminating the intermediaries, TrustPay is more affordable for both deposits and withdrawals at online eSports betting sites. Here's brief background information about this payment option eSports and how it works.

About TrustPay esports betting

About TrustPay esports betting

TrustPay is a real-time online banking method that is supervised by the National Bank of Slovakia. Headquartered in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, it is supported by more than 60 financial institutions in Slovakia and Czechia, along with their respective currencies. Since its inauguration in 2009, the company has been committed to delivering unmatched B2B financial services across the European Economic Area. By 2012, TrustPay had already become an associate of MasterCard and Visa. In 2015, it acquired a corporate banking institution and started operating at POS terminals.

The first prepaid card by TrustPay appeared in 2017 when the brand also began to issue SEPA direct debit cards. Today, the company offers virtual IBAN services. In addition to its cross-border reach, many e-commerce businesses and gambling sites find TrustPay convenient because it incorporates a variety of payment solutions.

Besides processing online card payments, TrustPay offers account reconciliation and monitoring tools. This means eSports gamblers can track their spending, which is crucial for a responsible gambling plan.

Payment options

TrustPay is a gateway for various payment methods: Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, SEPA Direct Debit, SEPA Bank Transfers, ApplePay, WeChatPay, Bancontact, GiroPay, Blik, Todito, eps, myBank, iDEAL, Aircash, Satispay, FasterPayments CHAPS, and Paysafecard. With TrustPay prepaid cards, users can link multiple cards and block them in the event of theft or loss.

About TrustPay esports betting
How to make a deposit with TrustPay

How to make a deposit with TrustPay

TrustPay can be linked to a bank account and card system to provide instant transfers. All TrustPay bookmakers accept multiple currencies, given that the deposit method works with over 140 currencies, including USD, GBP, CZK, HUF, SEK, and EUR.

The punter makes a deposit in any currency while the esport bookie receives the cash in their default currency without additional conversion fees. Transaction limits may be restricted by the type of account or card in use as well as the risk profiles of the account holder. Each sportsbook has deposit limits per transaction, day, or week.

Using TrustPay for Esports Betting

The available payment processing options at TrustPay eSports betting sites depend on the location. This is what it takes to make a TrustPay deposit.

  1. Register with a relevant eSports betting site
  2. Open the cashier and select TrustPay for depositing
  3. Choose one option from the menu of payment channels, e.g., credit card, debit card, prepaid card, or bank transfer
  4. Type in the amount to transfer
  5. Enter the card information or online banking credentials
  6. Verify through biometric authentication, CVV, or OTP codes

All bank transfers made through TrustPay must be from Central European banking systems. If the customer's bank is not available on the list, they can choose another viable alternative. Some banks take longer to process online payments, while others are instant. Prepaid vouchers. E.g., Paysafecard may be accepted, depending on the bookie's country of origin. This requires the input of a 16-digit code, which facilitates instant payments.

How to make a deposit with TrustPay
How to make a withdrawal with TrustPay

How to make a withdrawal with TrustPay

TrustPay is favored for many reasons as far as deposits are concerned. However, it is not available for withdrawals related to betting. However, this should not discourage eSports bettors because they'll have plenty of options to choose from.

All eSports bets winners must fulfill wagering requirements before cashing out their prizes. They also must comply with the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits before hitting the withdrawal button. In case of a monetary charge, they will be notified at the cashier area. The timeframe depends on the payment method in use.

How the withdrawal process looks like

To request a withdrawal, they should follow the procedure below.

  1. Sign in to the eSports betting account
  2. Visit the cashier and confirm winnings
  3. A list of withdrawal methods will be presented
  4. Pick one method from the list
  5. Fill out the required information
  6. Verify the request

The best withdrawal method differs from site to site. Some of the most reliable options are bank wire transfers, credit cards, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, MuchBetter, Euteller, and crypto-wallets. Wire transfers are common with local punters, but international customers prefer global methods. A normal wire transfer requires the recipient's name, bank name, the BIC/IBAN/SWIFT code, and the account number. The method can be slow; hence, it is better to choose an e-wallet or cryptocurrency.

How to make a withdrawal with TrustPay
Pros and cons with TrustPay

Pros and cons with TrustPay

TrustPay is simply a third-party payment processor, not an e-wallet. The biggest drawback is that players cannot cash out directly to TrustPay. Again, players outside of Europe cannot access it.


  • Encourages anonymous betting
  • Versatile payment gateway
  • Instant, secure deposits
  • Currency localization
  • Zero fees for the bettor


  • No withdrawals at online bookies
  • Limited access (only for EEA players)
Pros and cons with TrustPay
TrustPay account opening process

TrustPay account opening process

TrustPay customers do not need a separate banking account to start using it. All they are required to do is choose TrustPay at the eSports betting website and their source of funds. The system works like a regular e-banking platform where the customer saves their bank details and logs in with a secure bank code. Transferring money to a betting account is as simple as sending it to another bank account. No minimum age requirements are associated with this service. Users are also allowed to register with multiple usernames.

How to set up an account

To activate TrustPay, users should visit the official website and follow these instructions.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the green button labeled “Apply Now”
  3. Provide full name, phone number, and email address
  4. Proceed to online payments and add payment methods

TrustPay is not just for bank account holders. Cardholders can also open an account without a bank account. There are two types of TrustPay accounts: Active/full access and passive access account. The active account provides full access to the available funds and e-transfer services, while the passive account does not allow money transfers, so it's only for viewing the available balances. Currently, the minimum balance for a TrustPay account is 30 EUR or an equal amount in another currency.

TrustPay account opening process
TrustPay Customer Support Options

TrustPay Customer Support Options

There are many reasons customers need to talk to TrustPay agents. One of them is seeking guidance on how to start using the service. In this case, clients can talk to customer care representatives through:

The help section is designed with FAQs and answers for both merchants and consumers. It is incredibly beneficial for first-time users who want to understand how the service works. Of course, not all issues can be answered here, which is why there is a phone number for urgent matters. The support picks up phone calls during working days and is available 24 hours a day. Emails are replied to within the same day.

TrustPay Customer Support Options