Esports Bookmakers Accepting Tele2

It is no secret that Russians love watching and participating in eSports. Still, the majority prefer to wager on these interactive video games. The eSports betting community is so prominent in Russia that many sportsbooks allow punters to pay for their bets through local payment methods such as Tele2 and with the Russian ruble (RUB). The Tele2 system boasts over 44 million users in Russia who can conveniently pay their bills and shop online with their mobile accounts and bank cards.

One of the reasons Tele2 is a perfect deposit method at eSports betting sites is that it's mobile-friendly-compatible with all the smartphones and tablets that most Russians prefer for online gambling.

About Tele2 esports betting

About Tele2 esports betting

Tele2 is a Russian payment system owned by one of the biggest telecommunication companies in the country. It was initially developed by Swedish Tele2 and has been around since 2003. In February 2020, Tele2 was acquired by Rostelecom. Tele2 network announced a new partnership with MasterCard in January 2021 and started using tokenized digital cards.

Originally, the payment method was for Android operating systems only, but iOS users with the latest models can now use it. By simplifying mobile payments, the company has succeeded in making eCommerce services more convenient. Consumers pay for goods and services and fund their eSports betting accounts through a secure mobile app. It has grown into an extensive network that users can even take loans from.

Is Tele2 popular?

Tele2 is headquartered in Moscow, Russia, but is also available in other European countries such as Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Sweden. International subscribers are able to unify their financial accounts through a single mobile account. Then they can transfer funds from their bank cards over the internet to any merchant, including online eSports betting websites, in a few clicks. Each transaction is recorded in the app, allowing gamblers to have a history of payments that could help them track their betting expenditure. Within the app, the user can repeat or add an operation to their favorites.

About Tele2 esports betting
How to make a deposit with Tele2

How to make a deposit with Tele2

Thanks to tokenization technology, customers can acquire a digital MasterCard and pay for their online eSports bets with a smartphone. Before placing a deposit, customers should make sure their Tele2 mobile wallet has sufficient funds. Recharging the wallet is simple through various mobile recharge services.

Most top-up services require the input of a mobile number, country of residence, and the amount. After entering the credit or debit card number or PayPal email address, the funds will be applied immediately and in real-time. It will be ready for use as a payment option eSports.

Using Tele2 in online esport bookies

Here is how to use Tele2 as a deposit method for eSports wagering.

  1. Open a betting account with a suitable eSports betting site
  2. Visit the cashier page and click the deposit tab
  3. Choose Tele2 from the list of mobile payment methods
  4. Enter the phone number and the amount to deposit with
  5. Provide a unique digital code sent via the Tele2 app
  6. Confirm the payment with a passcode sent to the mobile number in the form of an SMS

Tele2 deposits are instant, and the maximum transaction amount allowed by the payment provider is 5,000 RUB per transaction. The minimum amount one can deposit is 20 RUB. But each online bookmaker will have its own limits.

How to make a deposit with Tele2
How to make a withdrawal with Tele2

How to make a withdrawal with Tele2

The difference between Tele2 and other e-wallets is the ability to process concurrent digital payment requests with tokenization. This means eSports bettors can replace their card or bank account numbers with a unique digital code that is more secure. When customers use their MasterCard, Tele2 secures those transactions with tokenization. All withdrawals from online eSports betting sites are authenticated with NFC technology, which runs on Android phones and other devices. The process of withdrawing funds from a betting account should look like this.

  1. Log in to the betting account and check whether the winnings are eligible for withdrawal
  2. Go to the payouts section on the cashier page
  3. Choose Tele2 for withdrawals
  4. Provide the mobile number associated with the Tele2 account
  5. Confirm the payment with the password of the betting account
  6. Hit the submit button and wait for funds to arrive

Tele2 withdrawals shouldn't take too long. The money should reach the player within a few hours once the bookmaker approves the request. The minimum or maximum amount to cash out is dependent on the sportsbook's terms and conditions. It is essential to read the fine print before initiating the process.

How to make a withdrawal with Tele2
Pros and cons with Tele2

Pros and cons with Tele2

Tele2 offers an integrated wallet with digital cards for contactless and online payments. The greatest strengths lie in the digitization of this financial service and the incorporation of safe technological tools.


  • Versatile wallet for mobile and card payments
  • Secured by NFC technology
  • Speedy transactions


  • Older iOS mobile phones may not support NFC functionality
Pros and cons with Tele2
Tele2 account opening process

Tele2 account opening process

Anyone who wants to start using the Tele2 payment service should begin by downloading the mobile application from the Google Play Store. From the app, they can apply for a digital card from one of Tele2's partner banks. They don't need a bank account, only a mobile number from the Tele2 network. The applicant should have attained the age of consent, which is 16 years. This is how to open an account.

  1. Complete a questionnaire by filling in personal details
  2. Generate a codeword
  3. Click the tokenize button
  4. The digital card will be sent in the form of a card number

The card is ready for usage immediately after issuance.

How to set up an account

To connect a Tele2 account with a bank card, the user should visit the official website It is crucial to link the card to a phone number. The applicant has to provide the card number, CVV2, and the expiry date. The activity will be confirmed via SMS. Topping up with a bank card will be very easy because there's no need to enter the card number. All that is needed is the mobile number and the amount to fund the Tele2 account.

Tele2 account opening process
Tele2 customer support options

Tele2 customer support options

For questions regarding payment processes, Tele2 users should contact support through:

  • Telephone: 611 for Tele2 calls and 8 (495) 97-97-611 for landline numbers
  • Viber support
  • Online chat
  • Tele2 virtual assistant
  • Help and Support center
  • Social media support

Tele2 has some of the most diverse customer support options. From live chat to Tele2 and landline phone calls, the service is available 24/7. Users will find valuable answers to over 200 questions in the Help and Support section. Those who need personal support from specialists can send their queries through Viber. The available Tele2 support numbers are available for WhatsApp communication. Then, there is the virtual assistant option, which involves an automated bot service. Lastly, customers can get in touch with online agents via the Tele2 Telegram channel.

Tele2 customer support options