Esports Bookmakers Accepting Rapida

Rapida is a leading e-wallet and virtual credit card provider in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. It has been used over the years by Russians to pay bills, make secure online purchases, and receive payments from businesses. This is one of the most versatile payment methods for eSports betting participants in the Russian region, with a choice of loading options, including cash deposits via 180,000+ sales locations and ATMs.

In various Eastern European and Asian nations, the Rapida payment method is a popular option for eSports. Founded in 2001 in Russia, the Rapida wallet is accepted by 45 percent of online retailers, and at least 55 percent of users are aware of the payment method. Additionally, consumers have access to Rapida's extensive network of 170,000 kiosks.

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How to make a deposit with Rapida

How to make a deposit with Rapida

Before employing the Rapida internet banking option, an eSports betting participant must first open an account. Players need to go to the deposit page after creating their Rapida account and navigating through the account interface. This option can be found in the banking section of the Rapida website.

When a player chooses this option, a list of possible financing sources appears. After that, they select the wire transfer option. The user is asked to fill out a form. The player's bank account number, address, and phone number are all requested on the form. The gamer should specify the amount to be deposited and then authorize the transaction when the bank has confirmed the information.

How to make a direct deposit with Rapida

A user's Rapida account must have adequate funds to complete the transfer to their preferred online eSports betting site. Users should fill in the bank account information while creating a Rapida banking account. After verifying their bank account information, users can fund their Rapida accounts.

Users can deposit and withdraw money directly to their bank accounts or use their preferred payment method on most sports betting platforms. In this instance, the Rapida payment system can be used as the primary account for both deposits and withdrawals.

How to make a deposit with Rapida
How to make a withdrawal with Rapida

How to make a withdrawal with Rapida

Players can utilize the same methods they used to deposit funds to withdraw winnings from sports betting platforms. The technique is pretty straightforward. The online betting website is used to make withdrawals. On the sports betting website, players should first navigate to the withdrawal page. The player should then choose a suitable withdrawal method from the available options.

What is the daily withdrawal limit at Rapida?

Customers are rarely subjected to transaction limitations by banks. On the other hand, large-scale financial transactions are regularly highlighted. In such cases, the player must submit additional information related to the flagged transaction in order to complete it. In light of this, Rapida does not put any restrictions on withdrawals from online eSports betting websites.

What are the processing times?

Rapida Wallet is a free and reasonably priced banking service. Visa cards are still free if the total amount does not exceed $2000. If a player deposits this amount into their wallet, they will be charged a 1% fee.

The service is free if paid in RUB. However, if currency conversion is required, the cost is 2.5 percent. Aside from that, most eSports betting sites do not charge any additional fees.
The entire procedure could take up to two business days.

Can I withdraw on mobile?

All bank transactions are now done through mobile banking, which has quickly become the most popular choice. Players can use their mobile phones to make withdrawals and deposits to eSports betting sites. The Rapida mobile application is perfect for such transactions. Rapida payment option for eSports has been actively pushed using a mobile app that allows consumers to transact quickly and easily.

How to make a withdrawal with Rapida
Pros and Cons with Rapida

Pros and Cons with Rapida


  • eSports betting payments made with the Rapida payment method are completed instantly.
  • The Rapida deposit process follows tight security guidelines. Rapida protects gamers' personal information.
  • Any deposits made using this service are entirely free. Players can deposit money into the eWallet utilizing a variety of methods, and they can also use a physical prepaid card if they want to use the service on both land-based and online eSport betting platforms.
  • Rapida Wallet is a great payment solution that allows punters to bank quickly and easily. It is simple, and the banking process reduces the time-consuming process of traditional payment options.


  • The sole disadvantage of this payment option for eSports is its lack of worldwide accessibility. Rapida is only available in just over 20 countries as of this writing, including Russia, China, and the United States, among others.
Pros and Cons with Rapida
Rapida account opening process

Rapida account opening process

How to set up an account

Players can create an account on the official Rapida deposit method website. They will request the player's mobile number and then provide their login information by SMS.

The users then load money into the Rapida wallet. They can do this by signing into their online eSports betting site and then selecting a deposit method from a drop-down menu. Rapida wallets accept credit cards (Visa), bank transfers, mobile phones, physical cash deposits at Rapida stores, and other methods of payment. Inbound transactions from other Rapida account holders, WebMoney, SpryPay,, and Paybox, are among the various loading alternatives.

Next, they log into the eSports betting account and select the Rapida payment method as their deposit option. After that, the player is prompted to log into their account to confirm the transaction and select an amount. Payments usually reflect in their eSports betting account immediately.


If a player does not have sufficient balance in their wallet, Rapida also offers "pay later" invoices. If the player selects this option, an invoice will be generated, which they can pay in person later at any of the numerous actual stores that are spread across Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. They can also clear the invoice with their personal debit or credit cards right away.

It is not possible to have a Rapida payment method account without a valid bank account. Users have to be 18 years or older for Rapida account opening legibility.

Rapida account opening process
Rapida customer support options

Rapida customer support options

Users who want support via email may have to wait up to 24 hours for a response.

  • 8 800 200-00-59 is the phone number.

The line is open 24 hours a day to assist users as quickly as possible.

A live chat option is also available on the Rapida website. Because of its rapid response method, the chat option is convenient. This option does not require users to leave the website.
Users who have been having less complex problems can visit the Rapida website's FAQ section. Users will find simple answers to frequently asked questions in this section. Rapida updates this part on a regular basis to meet the changing needs of its users.

Rapida customer support options