Esports Bookmakers Accepting Interac

Interac offers a straightforward way to transfer funds from one Canadian bank account or credit union to another through email or text. Given the swiftness and safety of this online payment method, it is undoubtedly one of the most preferred deposit methods for esports betting.

Interac allows Canadian punters to pay for their bets and withdraw winnings at small fees, depending on the transaction amount. From this review, you will find out the best online bookmakers accepting Interac and step-by-step guides on depositing and withdrawing. You'll also learn the pros and cons of using his payment method.

Esports Bookmakers Accepting Interac
About Interac

About Interac

A cooperative group of prominent Canadian financial institutions in 1996 started Interac. Theirs objective was to form a shared network that allowed for contactless money transfer. Together with Acxsys Corporation, the company (Interac Corp) offers debit payment systems.

Interac is an e-transfer platform for sending and receiving money for B2B, P2P, and B2P transactions. It is popular among Canadian consumers and businesses and is used for paying bills, online shopping, and esports betting. Interac allows users to access their money via a mobile banking platform of a participating financial institution from Canada. Nearly 300 banking institutions support Interac e-transfers.

To use Interac as a payment option for esports, you only need an email address or mobile phone number. You don't have to enter your bank account number when depositing money in an online bookie. Your detail remains secure because Interac offers a secure portal away from the merchant site (eSports betting site). The encryption features are synonymous with those of the issuing bank. Thanks to proprietary risk management and high-end authentication, Interac is among the world's most secure P2P payment solutions. It offers e-transfer with Autodeposit as well as the Interac debit card.

About Interac
How to make a deposit with Interac

How to make a deposit with Interac

Using Interac as a deposit method is a bit different from common e-wallets. Remember you'll be using online banking details at the cashier area of the eSports site. That means Interact is directly linked to your bank account. You must have an active bank account and a Canadian mobile number. The whole process looks like this:

  1. Go to the deposit area of the online bookie
  2. Choose Interac e-transfer
  3. Note down the site's payment information (email address)
  4. Select your bank or credit union
  5. In a safe online banking page, give the correct destination of funds, noted in step 3
  6. Enter the amount to fund your sports betting account and an optional message
  7. Review the details and click 'Send Money'
  8. On your banking app, click 'Yes' to allow the transaction
  9. Check your phone messages or email for a confirmation

The deposit is almost instant but may take up to 30 minutes, depending on your financial provider. Most Interac bookmakers give bonuses for first-time deposits but are subject to wagering requirements. Keep in mind that you are not depositing by text message or email. Instead, the notifications reach you by these means to notify you that your banking provider has debited your account.

Using Interac in online bookmakers

Before hitting the submit button, make sure your deposit amount meets the minimum requirement at the esports site. Once the deposit has been completed, you cannot reverse the transfer. This explains why you need to identify a trusted eSports betting website that accepts this payment method.

Some financial institutions limit the amount you can spend through Interac. Contact your bank or credit union to see how much you can send per transaction per day. Unless you are a member of NDCU, you will pay about $1 to $1.5 for sending money via Interac.

Esports sites provide their email address to make the e-transfer. They will know it is from you since the sender's email should match the one on the betting account. Some bookmakers will give you a reference number in the e-transfer note. That way, they can identify the player that sent a deposit.

How to make a deposit with Interac
How to make a withdrawal with Interac

How to make a withdrawal with Interac

You need an Interac card to make a withdrawal at an esports betting platform. Interac e-transfers may not work in this case. The procedure for using the card is as follows.

  1. Sign in to your eSports betting account and open the cashier section
  2. Initiate a payout by entering the number of winnings to withdraw
  3. Choose Interac card as the withdrawal method
  4. Provide relevant documentation and identity verification needed by the bookmaker
  5. Wait for funds in your bank account

Before requesting a payout, make sure you have cleared the wagering conditions. Pay close attention to the bookmaker's withdrawal limits. Remember that a contactless card-based transaction with Interac cannot exceed $250. When the bookie initiates the transfer of your winning through Interac card, you'll get a text message or email showing you the amount and the sender's details.

Interac will prompt you to enter a security question created by the eSports provider as part of their security protocols. It can take 15 to 30 minutes for money to reach your Interac card. Larger transactions may delay a little. You have 30 days to accept or decline the payment. Depending on your bank, a fee may apply for receiving money via Interac.

How to make a withdrawal with Interac
Pros and Cons with Interac

Pros and Cons with Interac

Interac e-transfer is integrated into online banking systems. This helps hide the user's banking information when transacting with a betting site. Some banks may be limited, but they still work with the e-transfer option, which is universally effective.


  • Secure login and transfer
  • Quick and efficient
  • No need to register an additional e-wallet service


  • Limited to Canadian banks
Pros and Cons with Interac
Interac Account Opening Process

Interac Account Opening Process

It is not complicated to set up Interac e-transfer. Understand that this is not a separate account. Yet, you cannot activate it without a bank account. Considering Interac is directly connected to a bank account, you need to be at least 18 years to use this payment method. You must also have proper ID documentation. Make sure you have these three credentials:

  • Canadian phone number
  • Email address
  • Bank account

To initiate Autodeposit, log in to your online banking and register your email and mobile number at the Interac e-transfer settings. You will get a message confirming your registration. Click 'Complete Registration,' and you'll be done. Once Autodeposit is enabled, any cash you receive will go directly to your bank or credit union account without additional steps like security questions.

With Autodeposit, you will have fewer steps to complete when cashing out from online esports betting sites. You will also worry less about email fraud. Most online scams involve the exploitation of weaknesses in user email security. Luckily, the Interac Autodeposit option helps bypass the step whereby you must input your email address.

Interac Account Opening Process
Interac Customer Support Options

Interac Customer Support Options

There are many reasons you might need to talk to the support team at Interac, from general inquiries to reporting suspicious activities. You have these options:

  • Live chat
  • Free landlines
  • Email
  • Online contact form

If you have a general inquiry concerning Interac e-transfer or are suspecting fraud, use the email or the toll-free number provided at the Contact Us page. When initiating a conversation, indicate the department and the subject matter on the contact form. Some transactional issues that cannot wait are best directed to the specific financial provider.

The live chat offers automated responses from a bot. So, when chatting with a virtual assistant, indicate whether you are a customer, business, or employee. Choose whether your query concerns Interac e-transfer of a debit card to receive more tailored solutions.

Interac Customer Support Options