Esports Bookmakers Accepting Euteller

With technology improving every day, bettors’ expectations are rising. Esports betting fans are on the lookout for reliable, secure, and convenient payment options. Bank transfer is a popular deposit method, but not all financial institutions allow transactions related to online gambling. To solve the puzzle, third-party payment providers have become increasingly prominent in the online betting world.

Euteller, a Finnish payment service, is a member of eight banks and is a fast payment option for eSports wagering. Not all sportsbooks accept Euteller payments but the few that do guarantee a seamless player experience. This article explores Euteller and how to use it at online eSports betting sites.

About Euteller esports betting

About Euteller esports betting

Euteller was founded in 2007 to facilitate quicker online payments through online banking and bank cards. The privately-owned company is headquartered in Turku, Western Finland, and operates under the FIN-FSA standards, which are authored by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Its operations are also supervised by anti-money laundering organizations through fraud control software. Customers don’t need to open separate accounts or apps to use Euteller with their online banking and card systems. Recently, Euteller launched Siiirto to enable P2P transactions through phone numbers.

Is Euteller popular?

The greatest customer base for Euteller is in Finland, but the service is technically available throughout Scandinavia, Nordic, and EU regions. Customers from some countries may need special permission to use it. Online eSports betting sites outside of Finland are free to request the integration of Euteller into their banking systems. As such, it is popular in countries with many Finnish ex-pats, such as Estonia, Norway, and Sweden.

Considering that Euteller is common in Europe, dozens of bookmakers have leveraged its prominence by offering irresistible offers to punters who use it as a deposit method for the first time. Many times, Euteller players receive special welcome packages with no hidden terms.

About Euteller esports betting
How to make a deposit with Euteller

How to make a deposit with Euteller

Euteller deposits are processed as follows:

  1. The customer logs in to their betting account
  2. They open the deposits section on the cashier page
  3. They select Euteller as the preferred payment method
  4. They choose their specific bank and log in to a secure online banking interface
  5. They enter the deposit amount and confirm the transaction
  6. Euteller processes the deposit immediately and makes money available at the betting account

There is a charge of 1.95% for Euteller transactions.

Using Euteller in online esports betting website

Typically, when one initiates a deposit with Euteller at an eSports betting site, they are prompted to make a wire transfer because it is directly connected to a Finnish bank. This requires signing up with an IBAN code. The minimum amount one can deposit with Euteller is 1 EUR, which is lower than the minimum threshold at most sportsbooks ( about 10 EUR).

New players should know that most online bookies don’t allow meager deposits like 1 EUR. The maximum deposit one can make with Euteller is 20,000 EUR per day. This favors high-rollers, but each bookmaker has a unique maximum limit. Euteller processes payments instantly, so the betting site is to blame in case of a delay.

How to make a deposit with Euteller
How to make a withdrawal with Euteller at pnline esports betting sites

How to make a withdrawal with Euteller at pnline esports betting sites

Esports bettors are thrilled by the incredible speed that accompanies Euteller deposits. But they are not happy when it comes to withdrawing with the same payment method because it is impossible. However, there are numerous alternatives, and all they need to do is check what’s available on the betting platform. Euteller bookies have convenient options for reimbursing winnings, including Trustly, prepaid cards, Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, direct bank transfer, bitcoin, and mobile payments.

Before players request a payout with any of these methods, they must have verified their betting account with proper identification documents. Then they can follow these general steps.

  1. Go to the cashier and follow the withdrawal button
  2. Confirm winnings and specify how much to cash out
  3. Select their banking method from what’s available
  4. Verify the transaction and wait for approval

E-wallets and mobile payments are some of the fastest methods after bitcoin. Credit and debit card withdrawals may not be available in some cases and usually take longer- about five working days. Furthermore, each payment option has a different fee structure. Some are free, while others may carry a currency conversion fee.

How to make a withdrawal with Euteller at pnline esports betting sites
Pros and cons with Euteller

Pros and cons with Euteller

Depositing funds with Euteller means one can transact without entering their bank account, credit card number, and full names at the eSports betting site. This is a huge plus for players who desire anonymity and are wary of online fraud. Other benefits are:


  • Swift transfer
  • Advanced security systems
  • New bettors receive special bonuses for using Euteller


Euteller inconveniences punters in a few ways. One of the disadvantages is limited availability. As such, not many sportsbooks allow players to deposit with Euteller. The disadvantage can be summarized as follows.

  • Euteller is strictly an EU service, so it’s not an option for American players
  • Does not allow withdrawals at a betting website
Pros and cons with Euteller
Euteller account opening process

Euteller account opening process

As stated earlier in this article, customers don’t need a distinct account with Euteller to start using it. Generally, Euteller users should have an active Finnish bank account. Euteller works with Nordea, LähiTapiola, Ålandsbanken, Aktia, S-Pankki, OP-Pohjola Group, Danske, and Handelsbanken banks. Anyone with an account with the eight banks automatically qualifies to use Euteller at an eSports betting site without revealing their confidential data. Online shoppers are allowed to start a dispute, but merchants may incur a chargeback.

How to set up an account

Each bank has unique requirements for registering an account. Decades ago, banks in Finland demanded Finnish documents, making it hard for foreigners to open accounts. But since 2014, a new decree permitted tourists and immigrants to open non-resident bank accounts regardless of their country of origin. Even minors are allowed to open bank accounts in Finland but must be approved by their parents or guardians. The following documents are needed:

  • Passport
  • Visa or residence permit
  • Proof of address, e.g., utility bill
  • Personal identification number
  • KELA card

Non-resident bank accounts have a few limitations. For instance, they are not allowed to use online banking services. But the restriction is lifted after staying in the country for more than three months.

Euteller account opening process
Euteller customer support options

Euteller customer support options

Euteller customer agents are well-trained and courteous. They are fluent in English, Finnish, and North Germanic languages like Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish. Responses are offered instantly during working days through:

Any email sent before 16:00 EET is replied immediately. After 16:00, all inquiries are taken care of on the next working day. Working hours range from 08:00-16:00 EET on both weekdays and weekends. Unfortunately, Euteller doesn’t have a live chat option or a FAQ page. This may come off as a disappointment to some people, but Euteller agents are excellent at elaborating intricate issues through phone calls and email.

Euteller customer support options