Esports Bookmakers Accepting Barion

Each year, the online eSports betting industry grows at an impressive rate. It couldn't all happen without the abundance of online payment options. The most incredible thrill of any eSports bettor is the ability to bet instantly and win. Unfortunately, many punters have trouble withdrawing their winnings.

When selecting the correct payment method, players should consider locally available options, among other conveniences. Those who are from Czechia, Finland, Denmark, Hungary, and other central European nations shouldn't have trouble choosing a payment method considering the numerous e-payment services at their disposal. One of them is Barion. Here is an overview of this payment option eSports.

Esports Bookmakers Accepting Barion
How to make a deposit with BarionHow to make a withdrawal with BarionPros and Cons with BarionBarion account opening processBarion customer support options
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Barion is an electronic mode of payment that allows users to transfer funds from their bank card or a prepaid Barion wallet to an online merchant or another user. It was developed in 2015 by Barion Payment Zrt and licensed by the Hungarian National Bank. Barion accounts work seamlessly with Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, and Maestro. All that's needed is an email address and a password to transfer money. This makes Barion both convenient and secure because it doesn't involve the input of sensitive card information.

Is Barion popular?

While Barion has its headquarters in Budapest, Hungary, it is also available in all EAA countries. Consumers can transact in USD, EUR, HUF, and CZK. So, they need to have active accounts with any of these currencies. With a team of more than 30 experts, the service has a customer base of over 2.5 million and collaborates with over 8,000 merchants in 20 European countries. The responsive web payment method works well on mobile browsers and desktop interfaces. This makes it an ideal option for mobile eSports betting, whereby the player places their bets while on the go.

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How to make a deposit with Barion

How to make a deposit with Barion

Before topping up an eSports betting account through Barion, the player should ensure they have sufficient funds in their credit card, debit card, or Barion wallet. The virtual wallet can be funded with a bank transfer for free or a card at a nominal charge. But it doesn't connect directly to the customer's bank.

Using Barion in online bookmakers

The process of depositing money at an eSports betting site through Barion can be described in eight steps.

  1. The player heads over to the deposit section of the bookmaker.
  2. Under the e-payments category, they choose Barion as a deposit method.
  3. They indicate how much to deposit.
  4. The eSports betting site server initiates the transaction with the POS Key of the API system.
  5. Barion provides a transaction ID, and the site keeps a record of the details.
  6. The player is redirected to a secure payment gateway UI through the given ID.
  7. The amount will be deducted either through a mobile app (Barion app) or a responsive webpage.
  8. The player confirms the details and submits them.

The funds should be available immediately after completing the above steps. If the player doesn't have a Barion wallet that can hold cash, they may use their card data, but this is only required during the first transaction with the bookmaker. There are no fees associated with deposits.

How to make a deposit with Barion
How to make a withdrawal with Barion

How to make a withdrawal with Barion

Barion eSports betting sites allow Barion users to withdraw winnings to their wallets anytime. Then the customers can transfer those funds to their bank accounts (local or international) through wire transfer. The withdrawal process is as follows.

  1. The player confirms their winnings and checks their account balance to see if it has reached the withdrawable limit (this differs from site to site).
  2. They open the payments page and select payouts.
  3. From the available withdrawal methods, they choose Barion.
  4. Barion will notify the bookmaker's servers of the pending payment.
  5. The site approves the withdrawal request and calls the payment gateway to initiate a transfer.
  6. Barion sends the money to the player's wallet.
  7. The site will keep a record of the transaction.
  8. The winner receives a confirmation message that they have funds in their account if the payment was successful.

There are no withdrawal fees for using Barion. But charges will apply when transferring the Barion wallet balance to a bank account or card. If the card on file linked to Barion wallet can make VPOS payments, the eSports bettor will receive their winnings directly in their credit/debit card, without an additional step.

How to make a withdrawal with Barion
Pros and Cons with Barion

Pros and Cons with Barion

By adding bank cards to a Barion wallet, customers will enjoy several benefits, as highlighted below.


  • Simple to launch on mobile
  • Card data safety as it is maintained in a PCI compliant card vault
  • Barion app allows tracking of online transactions and the details
  • Reasonable transaction fees


  • Limited to four currencies only
Pros and Cons with Barion
Barion account opening process

Barion account opening process

One doesn't need a bank account to register for a personal Barion. They just need their email, credit/debit card number, three-digit CVC code, and expiration date. To register as a company, Barion will ask for the registered name, registration number, tax number, nature of business, and biodata of the authorized representative, including their email and telephone number. They also need the customer to fill in their country of residence, physical address, and mailing address. Since bank cards are issued to individuals who have attained the minimum legal age, anyone who wants to open a Barion account should be at least 18 years old.

How to set up an account

Anyone can open an account and start processing card payments via Barion Smart Gateway.

  1. Visit
  2. Follow the 'Create Account' link.
  3. Choose either a personal or business account.
  4. Select currency.
  5. Enter your email address.
  6. Create a unique password.
  7. Accept the terms and conditions.
  8. Click the sign-up button.
  9. A confirmation message will be sent to the email address registered above.
  10. Activate the Barion wallet or link the account with bank cards.

The annual spending limit for any type of Barion account is set at 260,000HUF/ 800USD/ 800EUR/ 20,000CZK.

Barion account opening process
Barion customer support options

Barion customer support options

Since Barion cares about their clients who are from diverse countries, they have customized the official website to read in six different languages: English, Dutch, Czech, Hungarian, German, and Slovak. Customer support, on the other side, is available in eight languages. For complaints, customers can turn to:

  • The help center
  • Telephone line
  • Email
  • Contact form

When filling in the contact form, there is an option to provide a phone number. The customer should specify the ideal time to receive a phone call. This service is available on business days from 9 am to 12 pm CET.

Barion customer support options
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